13 Household Products You Should Ne...

13 Household Products You Should Never Mix

Accident can be avoided with simple knowledge of regular items we use and their combinations

1- Mixing of Different Battery Brands
Mixed Batteries Do Not Work Well Together

As we mix and match lithium battery with another alkaline battery the performance of the holding device won’t be improved. Moreover it is not advisable to mix various brands in a single device. This will reduce performance of the device causing leakage of batteries. Furthermore old and new batteries should not be mixed too and the user should replace the whole set of batteries if replacement is warranted.

2- Rubbing Alcohol Mixed With Bleach
Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

This rather relates to chemistry technicalities. Rubbing alcohol, or surgical spirit we may call it, contains ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Mix of the two are very special to causing damage to our skin, nervous system, kidneys, liver, lungs and even eyes.

3- Ammonia And Bleach
Bleach for Beautifying Your Hair

We use ammonia bleach for beaching of hair in our homes. This chemical combination can prove toxic and dangerous when it produces vapors. This may cause damage to our respiratory system. Worst comes worst when it is used in large quantity it produces large fumes of ammonia (usually called tear gas). Users might form another substance called liquid hydrazine.

4- Vinegar Mixed With Bleach
Vinegar & Bleach Together are Not Friends

Another strange combination items is a mix of weak acid with regular bleach. This mix causes vapors during evaporation and generates toxic material known as chlorine and chloramine. The vapors are not friendly but cause serious chemical burns effecting lungs when inhaled and the eyes when vapors come in contact.

5- Vinegar and Baking Soda
Vinegar and Baking Soda are Not Happy to Sit Together

Both are used in our kitchens mostly for cleaning purposes but as a very friendly items. Ladies clean their refrigerators with baking soda to refresh the refrigerator and kill the odor if any. Vinegar has properties of acid cleaner. This will suspend hard water particles without the soda. Point to remember is that both react against each other and cancel the power or working of each other. This is only good if you want to neutralize the effect of one with the other.

6- Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide
Vinegar and hydrogen Peroxide together are harmful

Both are commonly used in homes. When we combine both of these in a single pot, the result will be paracetic acid which is a very corrosive in nature. If the concentration is high then paracetic acid maycause irritation and even may damage human skin, lungs, throat and even eyes.

7- Grapefruit and Medicine
Some Medicines React With Grape Fruit

Taking grape fruit is usually done in breakfast for losing weight as a common innocent practice. Twenty percent of Americans take grapefruit inone shape or other in breakfast This is the time when people usually take medicines as a regular practice. Grapefruit juice, it should be remembered, can affect some of the medications. You should not take grapefruit juice unless you cross check with your doctor.

8- Alcohol and Ibuprofen
Use of Alcohol and Ibuprofen Empty Stomach is NOT Recommended.

Taking empty stomach medicines should always be under medical advice. Remember ibuprofen if taken when stomach is empty can cause damage to the stomach-lining. With alcohol, the damage will be manifold causing more serious. This might cause ulcers and internal bleeding as well

9- Alcohol and Acetaminophen
Alcohol and Acetaminophen

Consumption of alcohol is never recommended by any doctor while its chronic consumption can be very harmful. This causes the body producing certain enzymes which adversely interact with acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is a usual pain killer prescribed by doctors. This reaction damages the liver and may prove lethal too. U.S. alone sees over 200 deaths each year

10- Dairy when Meeting Antibiotics
Dairy when Meeting Antibiotics Stops the Effectiness of each Other

Dairy is our food, rich in calcium, it may be good for your bones. This may react with antibiotics and give adverse effects on us. Calcium has the tendency to prevent the antibiotics from being absorbed into the body and thus reduces effectiveness of antibiotics. There are the antibiotics that are very much effected by dairy are: ciprofloxacin, tetracycline and levofloxacin. Do tell your doctor if you mix both of these.

11- Milk Mixed With Energy Drinks
MiIlk and Energy Drinks Do Not Go Together

All energy drinks have acid in them. The acid in those energy drinks will mix with proteins present in milk. This will cause milk to curdle rapidly. The results usually show up as vomiting in projectile manner

12- Retinol Glycolic Acid Mixing With Alpha Hydroxyl Acid
Some Skin Beauty Creams Are Harmful for Each Other

Skin-care products makes us look younger. What if you have two skin care products, one having retinol glycolic acid and other having alpha hydroxyl acid. If by chance you use both products together for any reason, mixing them together is not recommended. This will reduce effectiveness of retinol considerably causing some mild irritation to skin.

13- Retinol Exposed to Sunlight
Ratinol needs to be Avoided in Case of Exposure to Sun

Again some recent evidences make us worry that Retinol may become toxic when it is exposed to direct sunlight. This causes sunburns, that is why its use at night is recommended else you need to use sunscreen during the day

In short these are 13 items which should not be mixed or confused during usage. These are the usual harmless items but mixing few of them can cause problems.




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