13 Creepy Pictures of Iceland’...

13 Creepy Pictures of Iceland’s Identical Twins

For the last 6 consecutive years, two gorgeous little twin girls who live and grow in the beautiful country of Iceland, are visit by a very special guest. This special guest from Japan, Ariko Inaoka pays a visit to the twin girls every year. The purpose of the visit is quite a special and unique one. Ariko Inaoka is a photographer who has been visiting Hrefna and Erna, the identical twins, every summer since 2009. She meets the girls and photographs them and documents their growth and development through their adolescence years. She also studies the special bond these identical twins share with each other.

The girls Hrefna and Erna met with Ariko Inoaka in 2006 when they were 6 years old. The girls were participating in a casting event for a photo shoot conducted by Ariko Inaoka. Their next meet was in 2009, where she expressed her desire to work with the identical twins for her project. Since that day she is working alongside the girls for her project. She plans on to keep continue her work with the girls till they are 6 years old. Until then she believes that her project would b completed.

Working alongside the identical twins Hrefna and Erna, she has learned that these two girls possess some sort of special connection between them, which is almost telepathic like. Ariko Inakoa believes that almost all identical twins enjoy this telepathic connection between them and same is the case here with Hrefna and Erna.

Now let us take a look at some pictures of the identical twins that Ariko Inaoka provided us with. All of these beautiful pictures support her theory as well. These are the latest picture of the girls that she shared with us. One thing is for sure that these two girls are extremely beautiful.

1- Hello There!
This Connection is Hardly Seen!

Here is our first look of the girls. Identical twins couldn’t be more identical than this. There is no way to tell the difference that who is Erna and who is Hrefna. They have even identical dolls.

2- We Love Dancing
The Ballet Love

Here are the girls in their ballet dresses. They both practice ballet dance 5 days every week. We can see these adorable girls taking a respite after the exhausting ballet session. Both of them are equally good at ballet. Coincidence much huh?

3- We Sleep Together
Calm in Your Arms!
Calm in Your Arms!

They girls are taking a nap after an exhausting day. How angelic and innocent they look lying side by side and holding each other. You can sense that how calm they are when they are together.

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