13 Creepy Children Quotes That Will Freak You Out – #10 is truly scary!

Children can sound so creepy sometimes. What makes them funny is their innocence and our surety that they don’t mean it. Raising a child can be a fun-filled experience and your little chipmunks’ funny quotes are worth sharing with everyone. Read these creepy children quotes and refresh your day with a smile.

These funny quotes are from a post at Reddit in which parents asked the following question, “what is the creepiest thing your child has ever said to you?” The following responses were bone-chilling yet downright funny.

1- This child certainly knows his way!
creepy quotes
creepy quotes

You want to know how to get a girlfriend? This boy gives you such a straight forward, no-fail trick that’s sure going to work. Lol.

2- Good-byes can be so scary sometimes…
creepy quotes
creepy quotes

You can imagine how it must feel when a child says good bye just before going to sleep. Oh, how bone chilling would that be. No wonder why the Dad kept checking on him to make sure nothing was wrong. A good-bye can actually deprive you of your sleep!

3- A monster baby???
creepy quotes
creepy quotes

Imagine the expression on Daddy’s face when his little girl gave such a “cutely-horrid” comment about her little brother. Her parents must have kept an eye on her to make sure she wasn’t doing anything to her “monster-brother”.

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