13 Consequences of Abstinence

Regardless of age, we all would love to have a busy bed schedule. A person’s physical urges usually peak between late teens and early 20s, then it starts to decline with age. Typically, getting busy is a sign of health, but if we stop having it on the regular, can we really lose it if we don’t use it?

The experts say, “yes.” Now that was a relief, isn’t it? You’re not really going nuts and your crankiness has some reason behind it. Science can actually back that up.

We would all agree that making love brings spice to a relationship. It’s not only gratifying your physical needs but your emotional needs as well. The more frequent lovemaking is, the more it revives reproductive health and the more confident you become about having it. You pump up your hormones and flood the dry spell away. But for those who are celibate, here are some of the consequences you may be feeling.

1. Irritability


She’s already way past her period but she’s still grouchy? The lack of intimacy might be to blame. Not only women but men too. They can become easily angered and stressed due to the lack of opportunity for expression. Although if the abstinence persists, the physical effects will go away along with your desire to do it.


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