13 Consequences of Abstinence


Regardless of age, we all would love to have a busy bed schedule. A person’s physical urges usually peak between late teens and early 20s, then it starts to decline with age. Typically, getting busy is a sign of health, but if we stop having it on the regular, can we really lose it if we don’t use it?

The experts say, “yes.” Now that was a relief, isn’t it? You’re not really going nuts and your crankiness has some reason behind it. Science can actually back that up.

We would all agree that making love brings spice to a relationship. It’s not only gratifying your physical needs but your emotional needs as well. The more frequent lovemaking is, the more it revives reproductive health and the more confident you become about having it. You pump up your hormones and flood the dry spell away. But for those who are celibate, here are some of the consequences you may be feeling.

1. Irritability


She’s already way past her period but she’s still grouchy? The lack of intimacy might be to blame. Not only women but men too. They can become easily angered and stressed due to the lack of opportunity for expression. Although if the abstinence persists, the physical effects will go away along with your desire to do it.

2. Weight Gain


Making love isn’t just a form of exercise. It also produces changes in our bodies by influencing our hormones and mood. It helps produce testosterone (yes, even women have those!) that helps boost your metabolism and improve workouts. It burns calories about the same amount of running 15 minutes on a treadmill or playing a vigorous game of squash.

3. Things Can Get Swampy



Getting busy in not only for pleasure but it is also a form of release. For both genders but especially for men. The secretions start to build up because of lack of stimulation so they start releasing themselves throughout the day or at night. It’s just how our bodies were wired so we really can’t control that.

4. Diminished Sense of Smell



As weird as it sounds, lovemaking can help improve a person’s sense of smell. How? After the deed, the production of a certain hormone surge in our body. And this, in turn, causes stem cells in the brain to develop new cells in the brain’s smell center. How cool is that?

5. Things Loosen Up


It’s not only men who benefit from regular cuddle time but women as well. The female organ and other pelvic muscles get worked out by the increase in blood flow during lovemaking which helps maintain healthy body parts. And we all know that exercise is good for the body. If a woman experiences dry season the muscles begin to relax and things loosen up down there.

6. You Get Sick More Often


According to research, people who make love at least once or twice a week have higher levels of antibodies to fight colds. That means better protection against colds and flu. Much better than taking the flu shots if you ask me. Now there’s more reason to cuddle with your partner, whether rain or shine.

7. You Get More Productiveproductivegirl

There are also good benefits of being a celibate. Instead of burning your energy in bed, you get to channel it somewhere else. Especially for women, it goes to their careers. All that energy has to go somewhere, doesn’t it? Go ahead and fulfill those dreams.

8. PMS is a Little Worse



Every woman knows how PMS is such a huge pain. Men, we’re not exaggerating and I’m pretty sure you’ve had some experience with cranky and unstable women during the time of the month. If your cramps have been more intense than usual then your dry spell might be to blame. Regular cuddle time helps produce more estrogen in your body which reduces the pain of PMS.

9. Vivid Love Making Dreams



Another physical consequence of abstinence is having vivid love making dreams. Whatever is in our subconscious mind comes to our conscious mind when we sleep. This is one of our body’s response to the lack of physical expression. It’s our body’s way of coping and sometimes nocturnal emissions occur when dreaming.

10.  A Semi-Permanent Bad Mood


Well, there’s definitely a lot of mood changes if you’ve been celibate for a while. Studies have found that in couples who did not use the rubber were less subject to depression than those who did. There must be something in the male secretion that perks women up (pun intended).

11. Greater Risk for Heart Disease


Yes, that’s right. Since cuddle time is considered a form of exercise it can also be beneficial to your overall health and wellness. It may seem crazy but one study found that doing the deed three or more times a week cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack by half.

12. Making Love Might Be Awkward Next Time


Since you haven’t had some action for quite some time you start to lose your confidence. Confidence is the key to climaxing, and when you lack it then climaxing will be a bit challenging. You begin to lose some of that edge unless you let go of your inhibitions and insecurities.

13. You Don’t Get to do the Deed


Well, obviously. Making love is definitely something that spices up a relationship or a person’s life so withholding it for quite some time will definitely have some consequences. But if you have no partner then you can be creative. Just so to release some tension and get the blood flowing.

There may be several reasons why you have been a celibate but not to worry since that is not the golden standard of perfect health. These consequences should also not scare you as there are other ways to be healthy and remain sane. The strong desire you feel will eventually fade over time if it bothers you. Or you can channel all your energy into something more productive. Like building your career or fulfilling your dreams. Abstinence doesn’t make you less of a person as we all have different opinions and preferences. Just as long as the urges does not overtake your life then you are perfectly normal.