12 Types of Tears Under Microscope


We all know that tears happen to be seen on our eyes for different reasons such as sorrow, joy, separation, reunion and many others. Even when you chop onions you get tears in your eyes. Tears normally secrete in order to lubricate our eyes and to protect eyes from microorganisms. Rose-Lyn Fisher in her inquisitiveness on looking for similarities and differences of different types of tears we get in different occasions has put a drop of each of these tears under microscope and looked at the patters formed. Though it is not a scientific way of studying tears she noticed that patterns formed under the microscope by different tears looked different.

She did her work for a few years using her own tears as well as tears from others. Different types of tears she examined included tears obtained from different occasions such as laughing, yawning, sorrow, rejection, frustration and many more. The amazing observation she has made was that each of the microscope field created with these samples of tears looked like aerial views of landscape and each one was looking different from the rest. Though it took years for her to complete the study, by the time she completed it she was in possession of some amazing results.

Due to the fact that what she saw when different types of tears were looked at through the microscope showed a similarity to topography of landscape viewed from the sky she called her study also the topography of tears. The following are the set of pictures she obtained in the study and they offer you some interesting things to think of. One of the most interesting aspects of this study is that despite the fact that it is the chemistry of tears that should be different when they are obtained at  different events it is their looks when viewed under the microscope that have changed in appearance. Now let’s look at the results she got.

1- Grief Gives One Of The Types of Tears
Tears of Grief

This is the type of tears you get when you are in the grip of grief.

2- The Laughter Tears
Tears of Laughter

Types of Tears tell that this kind fall from your eyes when you laugh until you cry.

3- Change is Faced
Facing Change

When you happened to face change this is the type of tears you shed.


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