12 Times Photoshop Artists Won The Internet

Photoshop is one of the most creative and complex software programs available on the market. There is a reason why Photoshop has been the number one tool of graphic artists worldwide. Adobe’s landmark program has created flyers, removed blemishes from supermodels, deleted ex-girlfriends, and caused many people to question the legitimacy of the moon landing.

It’s always nice to have someone who is privy to the features of Photoshop around. If not, there are people across the web who can meet your photo editing needs. It’s a good idea to understand the basics of photography and graphic arts before making your request so you don’t end up getting trolled like these 12 people.

12. Epic Fight Scene

The first piece of advice we can give about requesting Photoshop manipulation is to be as specific as possible. He did a pretty good job turning this bout into an epic martial arts scene. Martial arts is all about constant training, constant patience, unrivaled selfie-respect, and a lot of selfie-discipline. Get to know Photoshop’s software details in #11.

11. Highlighter Tool

The second piece of advice when requesting work from a Photoshop guru is to understand the software and all of the tools it offers. The graphic artist is not a makeup artist. Photoshop has a highlight tool to draw the bright effect and it also has the means to insert an actual highlighter.

10. Holding Oversized Objects

The third rule when requesting Photoshop editing is to understand when your desired effect should be done in the photography stage or the editing stage. Asking to hold an oversized object or pinching the moon should obviously be done by the person taking the photo. You’re going to get this result every single time.

9. I Caught A Rare Sashimi!

Just when you think you’ve been specific enough to not get trolled by a Photoshop expert, things can go terribly wrong. There are a lot of dangerous fish in the water that contain high amounts of mercury. Know where your sushi comes from. The water can get even more dangerous as you’ll see in #8!

8. They’ve Reached Their Boiling Point

There’s nothing cool about a pot of boiling water, but this water is as dangerous as it gets. There are plenty of dangers in the calm open sea. The pasta does look a little overcooked, so perhaps they should have been worried more about their food preparation than looking cool in some whitewater rapids or rough seas.

7. There’s Nothing Scarier

This is one of those rare occasions when the Photoshop artist actually does something the unsuspecting person requested. Have you seen the Teletubbies? There is nothing more frightening than watching that show in the dark.  The girl in #6 is running away from something she shouldn’t be frightened of.

6. The Little Engine That Would

I can understand running away from Teletubbies, but Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the coolest characters around. She probably should have been listening to rule number one and been a little more specific. I guess it could be kind of scary when an extremely happy giant steam engine is coming your way.

5. Ready For Sports Illustrated

Swimsuit models are the first people who should understand most photos are manipulated and airbrushed to a point where the subject is almost beyond recognition. However, I don’t believe the artists who work on the Swimsuit Edition make limb extensions a common practice. Talk about the phrase “legs for days.”

4. Nice Shades

There’s not much the artist could have edited if this girl asked him to add “sunglasses,” but I’m sure he or she could have found a way. She doesn’t look very fierce, would be our first criticism. The couple in #3 requested a sun-blocking tool a little too late.

3. We Recommend Aloe

Applying SPF 50 sunscreen should have been the first thing this couple did before exposing their sensitive white skin to the sun. Judging by their smiles, it doesn’t look very painful. Regardless, aloe vera would have been the correct advice to give them in order to remove the sunburn.

2. The Body In His Dreams

Photoshop artists are not magicians. This person could have added chiseled abs, exuberant pectorals, and some wicked biceps to the lazy and somewhat overweight subject. But it would have made him look weird. Instead, he gave him the right advice that hard work, dedication, and consistency are the keys to obtaining the body of your dreams.

1. The Modern Party

It’s unfortunate how true this one is. This guy probably hasn’t been to a party in over 15 years. It seems every time someone hangs out with another person there is always someone else they would rather talk to. Either way, this is the most accurate Photoshop request of the lot.

Learn the lessons of these Photoshop noobs and make sure you understand the limits of the program. Actually, there are no limits. You should really just be more specific or learn Photoshop yourself. Take a gander through your photo collection and see if you’re brave enough to get trolled by a Photoshop master. Better yet, go through your friend’s phone and have them get trolled. It’s an enlightening experience.

Share this with your friends and family and let us know which photos you would like to get edited or manipulated. You never know when there’s a Photoshop guru lurking around the Internet.


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