12 Times Kate Middleton Showed A Little Too Much


fotorcreatedKate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as she’s known to her subjects, married the heir to the British throne Prince William after a romance that blossomed at Bristol University.

She is the first “commoner” to marry into the British Royal Family in a very long time. Unfortunately for Kate, she’s not always been as prepared for the role of royalty as she might have been if she had been raised in that culture.

As you’ll see in these photos (especially #2!) the potential one-day Queen of England has, on numerous occasions, let it “all hang out” in the public eye. We suspect that she’ll learn one day. Maybe.

12. An Unroyal Flash

001-12-an-unroyal-flash-709023Sure, this happens to every woman at some point or another – unless she only wears trousers – but it’s not really the best way to display yourself to the world if you’re in the royal family. This is definitely an “unroyal flash” as they’d say in England. Discretely, of course.
11. You Can’t Clean This Image From Your Mind

002-11-you-can-t-clean-this-image-from-your-709112Possibly in an effort to show how “normal” the royal family has become – the whole family including Kate jumped into the bath for a photo shoot. We’re not convinced by this at all – nobody needs to see the heirs to the throne covered in foam and pretending at normalcy.

10. Wardrobe Malfunction

003-10-wardrobe-malfunction-709221There’s Kate on a royal visit minding her own business and then her hemline is caught by a gust of wind and boom! She’s showing rather more royal cheek than might be considered appropriate. Fortunately, Kate brushed it off like a consummate professional and nothing more was said about it.

9. She Wore an Itsy-Bitsy, Teeny-Weeny…

004-9-she-wore-an-itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-8bd16927594d152291e465999f7acb46No yellow polka dots for Kate, but the bikini is certainly itsy-bitsy and teeny-weeny. It’s hard to adjust to life in the public eye when the paparazzi are happy to stalk you throughout your holidays on a private yacht in Spain. It’s not hard to see what William sees in her, though.

8. Another Upskirt Shot

005-8-another-upskirt-shot-709311Kate’s still not quite got the handle of short skirts and the royal vehicle. Here she is once again showing off her underwear in fine form to her friends in the back of a vehicle. A delicately positioned royal handbag and this wouldn’t happen every 5 minutes, Kate.
7. Just In The Nick Of Time

006-7-just-in-the-nick-of-time-ac6e267e6f71066d94745b68ed6bd7bdKate comes close to pulling off another Marilyn Monroe moment here as she deboards the royal plane. Fortunately, she seems to have caught the skirt before another underwear reveal, but she’s still showing off an awful lot of leg to the world. Her son seems blissfully unaware of it all.

6. Rolling Around

007-6-rolling-around-709404While she was at university, Kate participated in a charity event. It was a roller skating fundraiser, and as you can see, the soon-to-be wife of the heir to the throne put in a fair amount of effort. Then she laid on her back to relax and gave a photographer an opportunity to make their name.

5. The Royal Cleavage

008-5-the-royal-cleavage-709410Whilst it may seem that it’s normally Kate’s behind that’s all too often on display, occasionally it’s the royal cleavage that seems to be struggling to be kept under control as with this shot which was taken in Australia – once again as Kate exits a vehicle.

4. The See-Through Royal Gown

009-4-the-see-through-royal-gown-709477Kate’s normally quite conservative about her choice of dresses (apart from the length of the hemline) but this see-through number which proudly shows off her back to the world was a one-off which was worn to a gala performance. She was accompanied by her husband, though – so she probably felt very safe in this daring dress.

3. Fashion Icon?

010-3-fashion-icon-709389Kate was always getting stuck in at university and here she is modeling in a fashion show in a very revealing little number. Fortunately, her husband-to-be is in the crowd and he seems to have been having a very good time indeed. We wonder if this was when he decided she was going to be his bride?

2. Australia Gets an Eyeful

011-2-australia-gets-an-eyeful-709194Poor Kate, once again she’s been undone by a shorter than usual royal skirt. Here on a tour of Australia, her dress was rudely snatched by the wind and that left her royal posterior on display to all her loyal colonial subjects. The Australian press had a field day with it.

1. No, No Just No

012-1-no-no-just-no-efc77c91265043dd7165e02006812976There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful pregnant woman, but this pic looks more like a sex game gone wrong. Look at William’s face; that’s more than the public eye should ever have to bear – particularly when the public is paying for this. No more Kate please, no more.

All kidding aside, it’s nice to see that Kate Middleton feels confident enough to wear what she wants, when she wants.

The British Royal family is often perceived as being out of touch and out of date. Kate’s contribution is to add new blood and help the royals rebuild their relationship with their subjects and the members of The British Commonwealth.

Kate and William are ambassadors for a different generation, one which expects women to own their own destinies and their own image. Kate delivers on all of that – despite the occasional fashion faux pas. She’s an inspiration to a generation.