12 Terrifying Yet Perfectly Timed Military Shots


Every person that joins the United States military does so with the intention of protecting the people of this country, no matter what their political and social views are. There is no partisan political bickering, protests, or election drama involved. They are trained to do their jobs and do them well. A civilian rarely gets an intimate view of soldiers in action, unless it is from the comfort of their seats in the movie theater.

Luckily, modern digital cameras have allowed us to catch a small glimpse into the world of our brave servicemembers. Here are 12 of the most intense military photos you are likely to find online today.

12. Heads Down!

There doesn’t appear to be a helmet flying within the frame of this photo after a near-direct hit. The ricochet did manage to send pieces of the concrete wall directly to this soldier’s head. Let’s check out a view from the cockpit of a fighter jet in slide #11.
11. We Have Weapons Lock

GoPros have given us an opportunity to view the world through the eyes of surfers, snowboarders, and skydivers. They have also given us a view from the cockpit of fighter pilots putting us right in the middle of the action. This camera captured a missile just as it was being fired on its target.

10. Words Can’t Explain…

Thanks to the depth of field, we are able to see that this rocket is going to hit nowhere close to his partner’s head. The perfectly-timed photo captures what is still probably one of the craziest up-close views of an RPG launch ever.


Let’s take a trip to the unfriendly skies in slide #9.

9. Geronimo!

We rarely see a squad leaping from the bowels of an airplane of that size from the belly of the aircraft. The photographer must have been the first one out of the plane to get this incredible shot. This doesn’t even compare to the time you went skydiving out of a small little Cessna.

8. Heads Up!

Meanwhile, the direct area of impact on the receiving end of this shot has little to no idea they are in for a world of pain. Those helmets to the right are good evidence that this is just a training exercise, so there is no one in harm’s way.
7. The Force Needed…

The amount of force in the recoil caused by those guns is unbelievable. You don’t have to be on that ship in order to appreciate the power involved in this shot. Click over to slide #6 to see what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a smaller, but just as deadly shot.

6. Too Close For Comfort

Even the gravel and dirt being thrown back from the force of this shot is enough to make your heart jump a little bit. Imagine being the soldier in the foreground of this photo as he tries to guard the unfired ordinance. Find out what it looks like when a person is launched from a bigger piece of military equipment in slide #5.

5. Weapon Of Mass Ejection

Fighter pilots are some of the most well-trained military personnel on the planet. The job requires near-perfect vision, unbelievable patience, and split-second decision-making skills. There must have been 1,000 things going through this pilot’s head when he was forced to eject from the cockpit in this breathtaking and perfectly-timed photo.

4. You Did Not Sink My Battleship!

Even the movie Battleship doesn’t have an amazing view of a battleship quite like this. We couldn’t even begin to imagine what the crew’s hearing is like by the time they retire or are discharged from service. Check out what it looks like to be on the front lines in slide #3.

3. He Has Us In His Sight

This is probably the closest a civilian can get to the front lines. Staring down the barrel of a rifle as it’s being fired right at us. It’s nearly impossible to imagine being stuck in a situation where bullets are racing past us or, in this case, right for us!

2. The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are piloted by the best pilots the United States Navy has to offer. I would hate to see what the members of this flight demonstration do to the enemy in combat situations. None of them have probably seen a close call like the pilot in slide #1.

1. The Nick Of Time

If you can even begin to imagine how fast this jet was going just before impact as it descended to the ground, then you can imagine just how scared the pilot was. I don’t care if you’re the best-trained pilot in Navy history, his heart had to be going faster than the aircraft.

Joining the military takes bravery, selflessness, and honor. It is definitely not for the weak-hearted. There are many perks to joining including college and retirement benefits, but the risk involved is far greater than any challenge you are likely to face.

If none of those photos caused your heart to jump and your stomach to turn, then you are probably one of the men or women who puts their lives on the line to defend your country. For that, we salute you. Chances are, there are photos that get even more hair-raising, spine-chilling, and blood-curdling out there. We’ll save those for the professionals.