12 Surefire Signs That Prove Your Guy Is Super Into You

Sometimes it’s not easy to tell if the guy you are dating is super into you. There are some really clear signs that prove that he loves you, though, and that can help reassure any doubts you may have about your relationship.

Check out these 12 ways to tell if your guy is super into you.

12. He Doesn’t Brag


If your guy does things for you and he doesn’t brag about those things or throw them in your face, it means he’s doing those things because he wants to. He wants to make you happy and he doesn’t need any kind of extra recognition for his actions.

11. He Makes Plans

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A guy that makes future plans with you is absolutely committed to you. It shows that he’s thinking about the future and that you are a part of those thoughts. It’s a sign that he’s not thinking about ending the relationship and that he wants things to keep progressing.

10. He Checks In

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Your guy doesn’t have to be clingy to let you know he’s thinking about you. He may send you a message once or twice a day to see how you’re doing or ask how your day is going. This means that he is thinking about you and that he really cares about you.

9. He’s Honest

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A man that truly cares about you and loves you will always be honest with you. He won’t lie to you or try to hide the truth. This is the kind of guy that you want to keep around. He cherishes your relationship enough to keep things real all the time.

#8 also suggests your guy is super into you…

8. He’s Selfless


A man who cares less about himself and more about his woman is one that is completely in love. If your guy is always putting your needs ahead of his own and tries his hardest not to be selfish, you can bet that you really mean a lot to him.

7. He Fights Clean

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Fighting in any relationship can be challenging, but finding a guy who fights clean is key. If he remains respectful when you’re having an argument and he’s not afraid to admit when he’s wrong, he is genuinely a good guy.

#6 is a total turn on for most women.

6. He’s Protective

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If your man is protective of you and wants to keep you safe, he really loves you. It’s a sign that he doesn’t want anything to happen to you because he truly cares about you. Most women are turned on by this. Who doesn’t want to feel protected by their man?

5. He’s Focused On You


Whenever you’re together, your man only has eyes for you. He is completely focused on you and your conversations and couldn’t care less about other women around him. He is dedicated and that shows that you are his number one.

#4 further proves that a man that is focused on you really loves you.

4. He Holds Your Hand

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Not only will a guy who cares about you hold your hand, but he won’t feel right not holding your hand. If he is always reaching out for you, whether you’re in public or in the privacy of your own home, he is totally into you. And we’re totally into that.

3. He Considers Your Plans

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Being thoughtful when it comes to your life outside of him is key. Any guy who truly cares about you will ask if you have plans on a given day before going ahead and assuming that you’re going to dedicate all your free time to him.

Bonus: He encourages you to hang out with your friends and wants you to have fun, even if he’s not around.

2. He Gets A Little Jealous

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Jealousy isn’t a great quality to have, but a man that gets a little bit jealous when he notices another guy checking you out, for example, is a man that really cares about you. This goes hand-in-hand with the protective thing—he feels a sense of belonging.

And the #1 way to tell if your guy really loves and cares about you is…

1. He Acts Like Himself

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A guy who can be himself and act “normal” around you is one that is comfortable with you and with your relationship. It also means that he’s comfortable with himself around you. If he can open up to you, be goofy around you, and just enjoy life with you, he really could be the one!


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