12 Steamy Celebrity Selfies

Love it or hate it but it looks like the selfie trend is here to stay. From kids, teens, adult, not so young and celebrities, they all go selfie crazy and the more interesting, the better. At this day and age, everybody wants to be seen. And let’s admit it, we love stalking other people’s photos so this is the perfect answer to satisfy our stalking tendencies. Even better if the selfie is from a famous celebrity and is showing some good amount of skin! People would go crazy over that. Would you like to see some steamy celebrity selfies? Read on to get your dose of steamy celebrity selfies.

12. Katy Perry katy perry

The pop superstar and music royalty is one of the most recognized musicians in the industry. She worked her way up and is now worth millions of dollars. Katy is known for her quirky and colorful costumes when performing for her fans. It’s definitely eye-catching and so much fun to watch all those colors. But aside from her amazing voice and fun costumes, she is also blessed to have an amazing figure. She is well-endowed in the chest department and wears tiny costumes most of the time. It’s not very much noticeable because her colorful attire overshadows it. But this selfie proves that she has it all.

11. Kendall Jennerkendall jenner

She’s the tallest sister among the Kardashian-Jenner clan  so it’s no surprise that she chose modeling to be her other career, aside from being from a famous clan, if you call that a career. Oh, the perks of being famous. She is one of the highest paid models right now and looks like she isn’t stopping anytime soon. We can’t deny that she is one beautiful lady and a great figure to go with. This selfie probably says it all.

10. Demi Mooredemi moore

This veteran A-list Hollywood actress is defying aging. She could pass off as someone in her 20s with that amazing body. Too bad for her exes, it’s definitely their loss. Let’s not forget that she’s also a mother of three! If we were her, we’d also flaunt that great figure. But she admits that it’s all hard work and discipline to maintain a well-toned body. Kudos, to Demi for taking care of herself despite the whirlwind in her life.

9. Olivia Munnolivia munn

This actress and model used to go by the name Lisa Munn early in her career but since 2006, she has used the name Olivia Munn both personally and professionally. Olivia began her professional career in television journalism before becoming an actress. Her most recent film appearance was in the sequel film X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) as Psylocke. In one of her previous interviews, she mentioned that she’s not a fan of taking selfies, but it seems that she still snaps a selfie or two from time to time, and we love what we’re seeing!

8. Jennifer Lopezjennifer lopez

The Latina superstar  and powerhouse looks like she’s having some serious case of Benjamin Button going on. This 46-year-old mother of twins hasn’t looked this good! If we hadn’t known it, she could have found the fountain of youth. But kidding aside, this head turner admits that she works out regularly and eats healthy to maintain her flawless appearance. She loves to flaunt her killer body and we can’t complain about that.

7. Ariana Grandeariana grande

The 23-year-old petite singer and actress is currently one of the most adored young singers around the world. She has a legion of fans around the world and her powerful voice could knock you off your feet. Who would have thought that her petite frame could  hold such a powerful voice? That’s why her fans love her so much. She may not be as well-endowed as other girls her age but she’s a class all her own. This selfie gives her fans a little peek-a-boo while still being classy.

6. Beyoncebeyonce

Hailed as Queen B, is one of the Most Powerful Females in the Entertainment as listed by Forbes. Her life couldn’t get any more perfect. She also added motherhood on her resume, to a beautiful daughter named Blue Ivy. Her selfies are not as skin-baring as the other celebrities but they’re still eye candy to her fans. She shows skin in just the right doses leaving some things for the imagination. Beyonce is the perfect example of a classy and empowered woman.

5. Rihannarihanna

The Barbadian beauty loves soaking up the sun, sand, and beach. She’s definitely a beach bum and when you’re a superstar you can afford to soak up all the sun in any beach around the world. Of course, hitting the beach wouldn’t be complete without the itsy, bitsy swimwear she loves to sport. She flaunts her assets and gives the fans a little bit sneak peek of what her mama gave her. With that body, summer never ends.

4. Nicki Minajnicki minaj

Early in her career, she was known  for her colorful costumes and wigs, that’s why she was dubbed as a Black Barbie. She is a talented and multi-awarded singer and is also an ambassador for some well-known brands. Although her quirky style has toned down, NIcki’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without showing some good amount of skin. She loves flaunting her curves, whether they’re real or not and posts them on her social media for the world to see. As if, we hadn’t had a glimpse of them. If she’s not wearing something revealing then it’s probably too tight for your life. 

3. Kim Kardashiankim kardashian

If there would be a Selfie Queen, it would probably be Kim. And people couldn’t get enough of her racy selfies. Just check out the number of followers she has and they keep growing. Aside from her steamy tapes, the next thing she;s famous for is her selfies. Actually, the image-obsessed family takes selfies to a whole new level. Her two sisters are even included on this list. I think it’s serious business for them. Here is one of Kim’s steamy selfie that got more than a million likes, her money makers.

2. Nicole Scherzingernicole scherzinger

The former Pussycat Doll looks stunning and fresh bare-faces. It looks like she hasn’t aged a bit! Here’s one reason why we love celebrity selfies. We get to see them without makeup. And Nicole didn’t disappoint. She actually looks better without heavy makeup and just look at her amazing figure! She doesn’t look 38, not one bit. We love it that she’s enjoying herself and that this selfie is not all vanity. It makes you want to head off to the beach.

1. Kylie Jennerkylie jenner

If ever Kim decides to retire and pass off her crown, Kylie would be next line. The youngest sister of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is definitely keeping up with her sisters. She was at the center of controversy for undergoing surgery but she never admitted it. Looking at her old photos, we can definitely tell that something changed. She is also making a name for herself and has her own makeup line. Her social media account is also one of the most followed. Whatever people say, she’s still famous.

These 12 Steamy Celebrity Selfies are definitely interesting. We love looking at celebrities at celebrities all glammed up and even more if they’re dressed down and without makeup. These raw photos of celebrities are even better than the extravagant photo shoots they have. It’s raw, real, andyou get to see them as a normal human being. Even if they look a million times better than us average joes. Looks like the he selfie trend is here to stay.


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