12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI


The FBI is supposed to protect the people and look out for their interest. They monitor the country’s criminal activities and act accordingly if things get out of hand. Unfortunately and terrifyingly it’s not always the case. We have gathered a couple of secrets where the FBI misused and abused their authority and kept it from the public. Well, not anymore. We’re not defaming the FBI nor scaremongering but these are facts that the people should and have the right to know. Here are the 12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI.

12. The Martin Luther King Jr. Conspiracy

During his time, Martin Luther King Jr. was a very prominent and influential man. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind and oppose the evils happening in his surroundings. According to secret files in 1964, the FBI sent him a letter along with a cassette that contained incriminating audio recordings of him with women in various hotel rooms. The letter “clearly implied that suicide would be a suitable course of action for Dr. King.” Something smells fishy here.

11. Falsely Accused

In 1965, the FBI deliberately framed four men for a murder to protect an informant. Two of those innocent men died in prison while the other two served more than 30 years before being pardoned and released. Meanwhile, the informant went into hiding and his identity and location were never disclosed. The federal department was never held accountable or faced any charges. This is definitely a horror story anybody would dread happening to them.

10. 9/11 WarningsTwin_Towers-NYC

A counter-terrorism specialist in the FBI tirelessly hunted and prompted officials of an approaching Al-Qaeda terrorist attack 5-6 years prior to the 9/11 catastrophe. His claims were dismissed over and over until he was pushed out of the FBI in 2001. He took a job as security head in August at the World Trade Center, and in a sad bit of irony, that’s where he died when the towers fell.

9. Acting Captainacting captain

Way back in 2002 during the collapse of the I-40 bridge a demented man impersonated the US Army Captain and took control of the industrial accident. He directed the FBI agents and appropriating equipment and vehicles for two days before it was revealed that he didn’t even work for any official agency! He was then caught fleeing to Canda. He must have been very convincing.

8. Mind Controlmind control

The CIA launched the MKUltra project in 1953. Its purpose was to develop strategies to get Soviet spies and foreign leaders to disclose classified information. But the CIA didn’t want to test the techniques (many that involved various forms of torture) on its own agents so they used civilians and pets as their subjects. In 1973, the program was shut down but the FBI took over it until it was permanently closed in 1977, but that’s what they want us to think.

7. Aliens and UFO
area 51

A massive UFO was seen flying alongside a Japan Airlines flight from Paris to Tokyo and the event was captured on radar data. The FAA, CIA, and FBI declared it’s a data of a UFO but later sealed all reports and information of the event. Then a representative from the White House Office of Science & Technology said statistically, there could be other life forms out there. Recently unsealed closed reports from the CIA and FBI proved that there are classified UFO studies being conducted at Area 51.

6. Black Power

Before Samuel L. Jackson rose to fame he was part of the Black Power movement during the early 70’s. But before he becomes involved in any armed confrontation, his mother sent him to Los Angeles after the FBI warned her that he will die within a year if he remained with the organization. Later, she learned his friend was shot down on the streets by unknown assailants.

5. Test Weaponsmosquitoes

The government dropped a total of 930,000 mosquitoes over Georgia and Florida as “test weapons” from early 1955 to mid-1956. Their purpose? The military wanted to determine the insect’s capacity to spread diseases without being detected. Another report released claimed that as recent as 1987, the agency released over 1 million ‘clean’ mosquitos once more over Alabama and Louisiana.

4. Paranoiaborat

When Sacha Baron Cohen’s was filming his ‘Borat’ movie the FBI assigned a team to him due to reports saying that a “Middle eastern man traveling the Midwest in an ice cream truck”. They watched him for over 3 years and then issued a second team to keep tabs on the actor because of a report that he seemed “like a crazed terrorist.”

3. Unappreciated Heropipe bomb

During the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, a security guard discovered a pipe bomb alerted police and helped evacuate the area but was later considered a suspect by the FBI and presumed guilty by the media. He was imprisoned but was pardoned when a homegrown terrorist confessed nine years later. The FBI nor the media has apologized to the hero yet.

2. Abuse of Poweredgar hoover

John Edgar Hoover was the first ever FBI Director of the United States. But he was known for more than that. He was also known as ‘The Tyrant’ because of his excessive abuse of power and he kept secrets even from the president. And because of that, Directors of the FBI are now limited to 10 years in office.

1. Wasting Resourceswasting resources

In 1989, a Michigan farmer found a camera attached to balloons in his field.  He found a film containing images of what appeared to be a mutilated corpse. Wasting money, time, and resources the FBI conducted a yearlong investigation only to find out it was a footage for Nine Inch Nails’ first music video, being filmed 200 miles away.

I bet you didn’t know some of these things. We’re not scaremongering but it pays to know the truth. If you do a little bit of research then you might even find out scarier things about this secretive agency. Believe it or not, these things did and do happen. So what do you think about the 12 Shocking Secrets of the FBI?