12 Shocking Photos Smuggled Out Of North Korea That They Don’t Want You To See


The world is full of interesting and fascinating places, but few are quite as mysterious as North Korea. It is a very secretive place that very few outsiders have ever been able to get into. When people go for tours, they are normally only allowed to visit Pyongyang, which is basically a city which North Korea plays up to look like how they want foreigners to see their country. Sadly, most of the country is a disaster. But thankfully, a photographer spent 16 days touring all across the country and was able to smuggle out some photos, which is highly illegal.

Here are 12 of his best photos — if they knew he’d gotten number 9, they would have never let him leave!


#12 Cheap Labor


North Korea is famous for mistreating its citizens, especially when it comes to worker abuses. There is a ton of cheap (and even free) labor in North Korea, which means places can afford a ton of workers for something only a few could do, while barely paying them anything at all.


#11 The Museum of United States War Atrocities


In North Korea, most people are taught from a very young age to hate the USA and the western world with a passion. In fact, there is a museum there all about depicting the USA committing horrific acts such as torture, in an effort to create hatred for the country in the North Korean citizens.


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