12 SHOCKING And RARE Diseases That Could Kill You

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Everyone is going to die. That’s just a fact of life. But most people are fortunate enough to die in a relatively peaceful way. However, not everyone can just pass away in their sleep… There will always be disease. So, we put together a list of the twelve RAREST and most SHOCKING illnesses known to man. It’s important to learn about these things so that you can be prepared in case you start showing weird symptoms. Slide #5 is something you can’t even prepare for!

So, without further ado, check out these rare diseases that could ravage your body and your mind! Who knows… knowing a bit about them could save your life one day!

#12 The Armageddeon Virus


Most people have heard of SARS, but very few have heard of the Armageddon Virus. It shares many of the same symptoms, but actually originates in Asiatic Bats! Because it appears so similar to SARS, it took doctors several months to learn how to treat it effectively. By then, the epidemic had spread worldwide. Think this is scary? Just wait until you see slide 8!

#11 Aortic Aneurysm


002--11-aortic-aneurysm-552243One of the main components of the human heart is the aorta. For most people, they never have any issues with their heart, but a small portion of the population experiences an aortic aneurysm at some point in their lives. Simply put, their heart muscle tears, making them experience severe pain in their abdomen. The pain doesn’t last long, though- sufferers die within two minutes!

#10 Naegleria Fowleri


Naegleria Fowleri is a type of protozoa that, quite literally, eats your brain. It is found in bodies of natural water, but you don’t know that you’ve been infected until a few weeks later. At first, you experience nausea and vomiting, but you quickly die as the organism eats away at your brain! Gross!

#9 Field’s Disease


Field’s Disease is thought of as the rarest disease known to man. It was named after two twin sisters, Catherine and Christie Fields, who were both born with incredibly weak muscles and the inability to walk. Doctors don’t know what causes this disease, though careful research is already underway!

#8 The Sweating Sickness


The Sweating Sickness wreaked havoc around the world in the 1400 and 1500s, though has largely disappeared since then. It presents like a severe form of influenza, though almost always results in death. In recent years, there has been some question as to whether or not the modern flu is really just an evolved type of Sweating Sickness!

#7 Clostridium Difficile Colitis


No one likes having the stomach flu… So, imagine having one that lasts for weeks or even months! That’s what Clostridium Difficile Colitis does to you. This bacteria causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and weight loss, but it’s also one of the most difficult illness to cure! Yikes!

#6 Trigeminal Neuralgia


Everyone feels achy sometimes, but patients with Trigeminal Neuralgia take this to the extreme! This disorder causes severe facial pain. Some even report it getting so bad that they would rather kill themselves than live even another minute with the pain. That definitely does NOT sound like something anyone would want to have- fortunately, medication can help. The next slide is not for the faint of heart. Prepare yourself!

#5 Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome


This isn’t actually a disease at all. Rather, it’s an allergic reaction to medication! Still, Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome is incredibly scary. It causes your skin to literally peel off right before your eyes. Sufferers report the rash breaking out on their lips, arms, and even their urethra! Without treatment, it’s highly fatal. This is pretty gross, but not as disturbing as what we have on slide 2!

#4 Nodding Disease


Now this is a weird one! Nodding Disease is a rare neurological disorder that causes seizures and a near-constant nodding motion of the face. Scientists have no idea what causes it, and there currently is no known treatment. So, if you have Nodding Disease, expect to be nodding for quite a while!

#3 Lesch–Nyhan Syndrome


Self-harm and self-mutilation are conditions that affect millions of people each year, but these are typically caused by psychiatric disorders. Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome is different in that it causes sufferers to inflict harm upon themselves, but there is no emotional reasoning behind it. Often times, patients must have their teeth removed to keep them from biting all their skin off!

#2 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease


Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease is a neurological disorder that essentially causes the proteins in your brain to be misfolded. At first, patients experience some mild movement and cognitive impairments, but as their brain structure deteriorates, they die rather suddenly. Just check out these shocking brain scans to see its destruction firsthand!

#1 Ondine’s Curse


For most people, remembering to breathe comes easy! But, for a small portion of the population, they have to consciously remind themselves to take each breath, even while sleeping. There are some treatments, but they aren’t entirely effective, so many sufferers have to rely on a machine to breathe for them. Now that’s pretty awful!

All of these diseases are pretty crazy, but that’s all the more reason for you to learn more about them! If you don’t know the symptoms, then you could miss some very serious warning signs about your health. Chances are good that you’ll never experience any of these illnesses, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Be sure to share this article with any hypochondriacs in your life so they can stay up to date on the diseases they are almost sure they currently have. Also press like, click share, and add your comments!


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