12 Secrets Behind Pimp My Ride That Will Blow Your Mind


Makeover shows are hugely popular with audiences everywhere. Who doesn’t love watching something go from grubby to glam in a matter of minutes? What a lot of people probably don’t realize, however, is that there are a lot of secrets involved behind the scenes of these countless makeover shows. That definitely holds true for the MTV series “Pimp My Ride.” Luckily, after someone started a Reddit thread about the series, a lot of ex-members of the series went on to post their secrets behind the reality show. And you get to read about all of them here! You won’t believe the secrets behind the show. Click through to read them all!

#12 Reactions Were Genuine


When Xzibit and the other producers showed up to people’s houses to surprise them with the news that they were getting a car makeover, the reaction was genuine! Unfortunately, as you’ll soon find out as you continue reading, this might be the only genuine thing in the series…

#11 They Never Actually Fixed The Insides


Although the outside of the car got a complete makeover, the inside of the car stayed the same! A lot of these old beat up cars were run down because they didn’t function and run properly. Instead of fixing the bones and guts of the car, they really only focused on what the outside looked like.

#10 Xzibit Is A Really Cool Guy


One thing all the ex-contestants had in common about their personal experiences on the MTV series was that Xzibit was actually a really cool guy! For being a TV show host, they all claimed that he was very nice, fun to hang out with, and easy to work with. That makes #12 on the list extra sad to know, then.

#9 Each Project Was Really Time Consuming


Although we were able to watch the transformation of an ugly car to a pimped out ride in the matter of a half an hour, the process actually took a lot longer. It would take up to six months to completely renovate someone’s car. In the meantime, they were given fancy rental cars, like these!

#8 A Lot Was Exaggerated


One user claimed that he was somewhat bullied on the series. Due to his large size, the producers added a storyline that the man liked to eat candy all the time, and planted candy wrappers around his car! They even equipped his pimped ride with a cotton candy machine, something he wasn’t really that interested in. This isn’t the only thing exaggerated in the series.

#7 Some Contestants Would Get Pulled Over Often


When being on a television series, you can be exposed to a lot of different people. The contestants on the show revealed that they would often get recognized in public, and some people would even chase them down! One user even claimed the cops would even pull him over to check out his pimped ride!

#6 Cigarettes Were Added


One user discussed how while giving a backstory of the car, they mentioned their mom had smoked inside 0nly once or twice. The producers of the show ended up putting a ton of used cigarette butts inside the car to make it appear as though someone had been smoking in the car much more often! That isn’t the only extra thing that was made up in the show, however.

#5 The Paint Was Messed Up On Purpose


Some of the cars that appeared on the show were actually not in that much bad shape on the exterior. In order to make the appearance of the car even worse, the paint job would be messed up before shooting in order to make the car look worse than it actually was.

#4 A Lot Of It Was Scripted


In the beginning of every episode of the MTV series, each of the guests on the show gave a backstory of their life and a little information on their car. It was revealed that this small part of the series was actually entirely scripted! Some facts were true, but a lot was embellished. Just like the outside of the car…

#3 They Weren’t Allowed To Sell On eBay


One strict rule for being on the show was that after this was all over, they could not sell the car on eBay. One ex-contestant tried to do so when his car wouldn’t work anymore. Within three hours, he was contacted by the company and forced to take it down.

#2 Not All The Additions Stuck Around


Some additions to the cars were extremely extravagant. Some were so luxurious and outlandish that they had to be removed from the car before the contestants were able to drive away! This was because some of them were street illegal and just too much of a distraction to the driver in the first place.

#1 Xzibit Is Broke


At the height of his career, Xzibit was able to make over $500,000 during his time as the host of the series! Unfortunately, since the show ended, he hasn’t been able to find himself much work. It is reported that he is now close to $1,000,000 in debt!

It is clear from all of these shocking facts that there is a lot about the show that we didn’t know about. At first, you might think you know everything about the show, especially if you’ve seen every episode. But there is so much that goes on behind closed doors that we’ll never actually be able to know everything about our favorite shows. When secrets around series like these come out, it really makes us question what other shows we know little about as well. For something considered a reality show, it’s pretty disappointing when you learn there isn’t much reality behind it at all!


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