12 Secrets About The Bachelor Revealed By Kristina Schulman


The Bachelor is one of the most successful reality shows in the history of the genre. Women love witnessing the fairy tale life that is created among the contestants and the bachelor. The rose ceremony is a perfect allegory for one’s own personal struggle to find a soulmate… or is it?

Many people are smart enough to realize that most reality shows have little basis in reality, and a lot of what happens on those shows is not random at all. But how much of the show is real and how much is a well-scripted facade? Find out as Kristina Schulman reveals 12 secrets of The Bachelor.



12. The Rose Ceremony

The Bachelor‘s Rose Ceremony has caused many girls to swoon over the next choices the bachelor will make regarding his future love. Little do they know, the producers also have a choice in who moves forward. Their choices are usually for people who will lead to higher ratings. Find out the truth about the ceremony’s length in slide #11.

11. Length Of The Rose Ceremonies

It may seem as if the showrunners have the rose ceremonies as perfectly timed events in the evening, but the real ceremonies can take much longer than that. Some have even been known to last until the early morning hours, even though it seems as if they are all dressed up for the evening.

10. Just (Don’t) Be Yourself

When contestants get out of their car they do something to add a little personality and show the bachelor how unique they are. These actions are typically decided by the producers ahead of time and have nothing to do with the contestant’s personality. Slide #9 reveals that some winners aren’t even contestants.

9. Bachelor’s Relationships With Producers

There are probably more producer-bachelor relationships than there are with any of the contestants. Jamie Otis says that these are mostly kept on the down-low because of the possible repercussions it could have for the appearance of authenticity. Should a contestant win the bachelor’s heart, discover out how long the couple is required to stay together in slide #8.

8. Required Time Together

Although it’s impossible to get to know everything about someone over the course of filming The Bachelor, the couple has to stay together for at least two years after the show ends in order to be eligible to keep the Neil Lane diamond ring. Slide #7 shows another weird rule the contestants needs to follow while shooting.
7. No Eating On Camera!

Contestants are not allowed to eat anything on camera because the producers believe that eating looks terrible on camera and the contestants are expected to do everything to make themselves look desirable while the cameras are rolling. Slide #6 reveals something that’s encouraged but isn’t a desirable trait.

6. Have Yourself A Good (Fake) Cry

Do you ever feel so bad or so happy for the contestants who shed a few tears? Finding the love of your life can be an emotional experience. The producers tend to encourage the water works among the contestants because viewers love a good cry. Read about the mansion itself in slide #5.

5. The Mansion

The mansion itself does not belong to an exotic celebrity and is definitely not owned by the show. The landlords are a happy family with children and rent the house to the producers while the show is taping. Besides the house, slide #4 discusses something else the contestants must look after while shooting.

4. Life Is Not A Process

Even though there are a lot of planned out and detailed processes that go on with The Bachelor, the contestants are not allowed to use the word “process.” In fact, producers hate the word. If someone doesn’t refer to it as a “journey” then the scene needs to be re-shot.

3. Disconnected From The Outside World

Contestants on The Bachelor must forfeit their cell phones and tablets prior to entering the show. For the entirety of filming, there is no connection to the outside world using cell phones or computers, meaning no e-mail or Facebook is allowed. There are some perks for the bachelor revealed in slide #2.

2. Perks Of Being A Bachelor

Do you ever notice that the bachelor always looks perfectly groomed and well-dressed? Producers offer the bachelors plenty of perks in order to keep them looking desirable to the ladies. These bonus treats can include gym memberships, personal trainers, and designer clothes. Find out about the bachelorette’s perks in slide #1.

1. Perks Of Being A Bachelorette

The female contestants are responsible for everything from doing their own hair and make-up, cooking for themselves, cleaning and, perhaps the most surprising, they have to provide their own dresses. This means a girl has to be prepared with 15 different dresses in case she makes it to the final.

It’s easy to watch a 2-hour episode of The Bachelor and get lost in all of the romanticism, but nearly everything has a design and methodology to it. There is a good chance that half of what you are watching, from the tears to the kisses, isn’t real.

The next time you watch an episode of The Bachelor and hear someone refer to their “journey” think about how many times they said “process” before that. If you’re witnessing the rose ceremony and everyone is dressed up in their finest evening gown, picture the morning sun shining outside while the day shift is about ready to clock in.