These 12 Photos Expose Donald Trump...

These 12 Photos Expose Donald Trump’s Life of Excess

When you think of a certain level of opulence, it’s hard not to let your mind wander to president-elect Donald Trump. As a regular guest on the show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” Trump’s many compounds, modes of transportation, and overall wealth have been famously documented. Not only does Mr. Trump like to show off his wealth to the media, but as far as his taste goes, nothing is too gaudy, gold or bejeweled when it comes to his interior designs. Just when you think you’ve reached the tip of the iceberg of wealth, Donald Trump pushes it a step further.

Here are 12 photos that show just how loaded our next POTUS is. Number 2 is just sick!


12. Trump’s Helicopter

001-12-trump-s-helicopter-665905Who needs Air Force One when you have our own helicopter? President-elect Donald Trump sure knows how to travel in style. The best part about this helicopter is that it has Trump’s name on it. It’s not surprising, because Mr. Trump is all about well, Trump, and that includes Trump as a brand name.

11. Trump’s Rolls Royce

002-11-trump-s-rolls-royce-667135If you want to check out a man’s most luxurious buy, look no further than his car. When it comes to Mr. Trump he rolls in a Rolls Royce. The 50’s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud is a significant buy because it just screams “opulence.” While he has many other cars, this one is rumored to be his first car of choice.

10. Trump’s Golf Game

003-10-trump-s-golf-game-667137One known fact about Mr. Donald Trump is that he’s a huge lover of golf. Known as a lifelong golfer, Trump owns not one but sixteen world-renowned courses all over the world. Trump loves golf so much that some have questioned whether or not his Presidency will be good for the sport.

9. The Trump Jetliner

004-09-the-trump-jetliner-667139The Trump helicopter may not be able to fit his new presidential staff, but his Trump jetliner certainly will. Once again, Trump has branded his name across the jet so there’s no mistaking who’s up in the sky. One wonders if he gets to keep the jetliner now that he’s been elected president.

8. Inside The Jetliner

005-08-inside-the-jetliner-667141Want to see what’s inside of Trump’s jet? Well, it’s a personal bedroom, of course. Mr. Trump isn’t losing any sleep even though he’s been on the campaign trail for some time. His jet is designed with his own personal bedroom, which includes a bed, a nightstand, a chair and a desk. Of course, it’s signature look is cherry wood and gold.

7. Trump’s Florida Mansion

006-07-trump-s-florida-mansion-667143Donald Trump may be a resident of New York, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be luxurious in other states. In fact, Mr. Trump has a one of a kind mansion in just right off the coast of Florida on Mar-A-Lago. This particular estate was built in Palm Beach over a period of four years, from 1924 to 1927.

6. Trump’s Greenwich Mansion

007-06-trump-s-greenwich-mansion-667145Leave it to Donald to have yet another mansion. This mansion is in Greenwich, CT. Although Trump doesn’t currently live there, and it isn’t known what he paid for the mansion, right now it’s on the market for $54 million. It’s said the waterfront property has six acres of land.

5. Trump’s Pool

008-05-trump-s-pool-667148We know what you might be thinking, okay so what’s the big deal about Trump having his own pool? Plenty of people have pools in their backyard. Well, this one is completely out of the ordinary. This pool is not only heated but it’s indoors, in case he wants to enjoy a swim while it’s cold out.

4. Trump’s Cinema

009-04-trump-s-cinema-700819A big indicator that someone is rich is if they can fit a movie theater in their home. Not only does Donald Trump have a movie theater in his home, but the decor is outrageous, with private seats in purple velvet. The walls are also decorated with vintage movie posters.

3. Trump’s Dining Room

010-03-trump-s-dining-room-667154Donald Trump’s dining room isn’t like an ordinary dining room. It’s decorated with a plethora of dining room tables, and looks more like a restaurant than a normal dining room. There’s a huge dining room table that sits 12 people, and mini tables of four for a more intimate gathering.

2. Trump Tower

011-02-trump-tower-667156We can’t mention Donald Trump’s opulence without mentioning Trump Tower. His most established and well-recognized estate is his home base in New York City. The establishment is 58 stories high on fifth avenue, and will now have to undergo some massive security changes to protect the elected-President, as it’s said he plans to visit often.

1. Trump’s Yacht

012-01-trump-s-yacht-667158There’s nothing out there that screams living the lap of luxury like owning a yacht. Donald Trump’s yacht is a mind-boggling $100 million dollars. The yacht, dubbed “The Trump Princess” was built out of steel and aluminum structure, and is a speedy boat, as it’s designed to reach 20 knots. The famous designer Luigi Sturchio gave the yacht it’s original interior.

Even though it might be hard to believe, that was just a peek inside the life of excess of president-elect Donald Trump. There’s more mansions, a ton of more cars to look at, and dozens of golf courses to drool over, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to cover it all! You can just take our word for it — when it comes to living a rich and fabulous life, Donald Trump really knows no limit. One thing is for certain: the Oval office will certainly get a different look once Mr. Trump moves in. We predict there will be a ton of gold in Washington’s future.


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