These 12 Photos Expose Donald Trump’s Life of Excess

When you think of a certain level of opulence, it’s hard not to let your mind wander to president-elect Donald Trump. As a regular guest on the show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” Trump’s many compounds, modes of transportation, and overall wealth have been famously documented. Not only does Mr. Trump like to show off his wealth to the media, but as far as his taste goes, nothing is too gaudy, gold or bejeweled when it comes to his interior designs. Just when you think you’ve reached the tip of the iceberg of wealth, Donald Trump pushes it a step further.

Here are 12 photos that show just how loaded our next POTUS is. Number 2 is just sick!


12. Trump’s Helicopter

001-12-trump-s-helicopter-665905Who needs Air Force One when you have our own helicopter? President-elect Donald Trump sure knows how to travel in style. The best part about this helicopter is that it has Trump’s name on it. It’s not surprising, because Mr. Trump is all about well, Trump, and that includes Trump as a brand name.


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