12 Nightmarish Photos From People J...

12 Nightmarish Photos From People Just Trying To Party In Peace

If you count yourself among the world’s two billion (yes, billion) people who consume alcoholic beverages, then you probably know what it’s like to drink juuust a little too much. It happens to the best of us, and it’s pretty typical to feel very little shame about the silly stuff we say and do while under the influence.

Sometimes, though, things get out of hand. We find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like everyone here. Make it all the way to the last photo and consider yourself lucky to not be a part of this roundup!

12. Disengaged

You know that the couple pictured here had to discuss this before it happened—and there’s also someone behind the camera who knew how this was all going to go down. Just think of the setup: “Your place or mine? Well, either way, we have to bring my friend.”

11. Dental Work

This guy right here… How does something like this even happen?! Did he break his tooth on a bottle? He probably wasn’t punched in the face, or else he’d obviously be covered in blood. Here’s hoping he had great coverage on his dental insurance plan—veneers aren’t cheap.

10. Wait, What?

There are a few layers of weirdness here. First, we’ve got the pair in the front and center, and they both look a bit strung out and overserved. Great. Also notice the photobombers in the back, who were probably very entertained by this couple getting it on the dance floor.

9. Wedding Party

This one’s a classic. The formal dresses and glass of wine totally point to this being a shot from a wedding dance floor, right? Remember to keep it classy at weddings that aren’t yours. If you don’t end up looking terrible in a photo, you’ll still look terrible spilling a drink or breaking a glass. It gets worse, though—see the next photo.

8. Nauseating

How excitedly did the photographer shout after they snapped this photo? It looks like it was taken outside, so that girl was probably relieved to leave the mess and escape quickly. Who knows what this guy is doing? She’s just damn lucky that her face is turned away from the camera.

7. Hahaha

This guy was either taking the dancefloor far too seriously… or he may have been really into the music, in which case he was probably spitting the lyrics out in a drunken, overexcited fever. Either way, someone snapped this at the right moment, and it’s hardly the most embarrassing of the bunch—see the next photo.

6. Seriously Not That Serious

This is a prime example of exactly what to do when you see something like this at a party. The couple pictured here got lucky because they aren’t even showing their faces in the photo. And is this guy really crashing their party if they aren’t even worried about him?

5. LOL

Pour it up, pour it up—or, in this case, pour it out. This is the face you make when you’re too far gone to realize that you’ve got a full beer and you just tipped it over. You know that it splattered all over the floor and their shoes!

4. True Feelings

What woman hasn’t encountered a guy who just can’t take a hint? More importantly, what woman hasn’t made this exact face when approached by an overzealous dude on the dancefloor? This is the part where you try to make eye contact with your girlfriends and send panicky “HELP ME” signals with your eyes.

3. Spillz

When Tupac sang “pour out a little liquor,” this isn’t what he was referring to. Seriously, was this poor girl relegated to the role of waitress in her group of friends? Never let your squad do this to you. If this happened to me, I’d be in an Uber on my way home within thirty seconds.

2. Dry Clean That!

Yiiikes. This probably had nothing to do with a spilled drink, so let’s hope she just peed a little. No matter what, this is exactly why you should try to keep it together while you’re partying. It’s always a good idea to have people to watch your back.

1. Great Party Trick

So, being able to fit your fist in your mouth is hilarious, and it makes for a great party trick, no doubt. Just don’t do it too often. If you make this a habit, you’re just raising the odds that you’ll encounter someone with a camera eventually.

Did you like this roundup of partying gone wrong? Don’t forget that the only difference between most of us and these people is that we haven’t been unlucky enough to see our embarrassing photos published online. This is pretty much the moral of the story: Party as hard as you want and beware of cameras. A drunk mind tends to say “watch this!” more often than not, after all.

If you have family or friends who really like to get down, make sure to send them to this roundup! (Bonus points if you scare them and tell them they’re featured in the collection.)


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