12 Interesting Facts About Heath Le...

12 Interesting Facts About Heath Ledger Role in The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan, the director, kicked off probably the most celebrated and praised trilogy of batman by the movie, Batman Begins. This movie illustrated the origin of batman, his rise and recognition in the city of Gotham. The movie ended traditionally, with the villain dead and the city saved but surely, more was still to come.

Next in the line was Dark Knight which was, undoubtedly, the most famous creation of Nolan. While, the plot of the film was great, so was the action and armory provided by the batman with his stylish batmobile and bat suit. But above all, it was the role of the Joker, played by Heath Ledger which raised the popularity of the film by huge margin. It was, as they say, the perfect joker and villain at the same; cunning, clever, scary and violence loving. The movie starts with a bank robbery where all the thieves are wearing joker masks and they are instructed to kill one another to get greater share in stolen money. Here, the skill of joker is shown who, at the end, escapes the bank building in a school bus loaded with money. Now, this joker has gained the attention of higher police authorities and Batman.

The most aspiring thing about the role of Heath Ledger as the joker was his devotion, natural expressions and superb dialogues. No wonder, people still remember joker by his renowned dialogues in the Dark Knight. Some of the famous joker quotes are; “Why so serious, Let’s put a smile on that face!” , “If you are good at something, never do it for free” , “ The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules” and more. There are some hidden facts that you did not know about The Joker, aka Heath ledger.

1- Heath Ledger is the Joker!

The role of Joker was specially and specifically written for Heath Ledger. Hence, he enforced himself into role and prepared accordingly.

Heath Ledger Was The MAN!
Heath Ledger Was The MAN!
2- Who Was Matilda in Reality?

Joker’s short role as a nurse went unnoticed. No one recognized the name tag on the nurse, it read Matilda. Heath Ledger’s daughters name is Matilda Ledger.

Matilda Ledger!
Matilda Ledger!
3- After the Role, Heath had a new Habit

While playing the role of joker, Heath developed funny set of habits. One of them was tongue rolling which may be the outcome of the distinguished make-up on Heath’s face.

Heath's Rolling Tongue Habit After The Role.
Heath’s Rolling Tongue Habit After The Role.
4- Heath Was a Director As Well

The scene in which a person’s footage is shown on TV, being held under Joker’s custody was actually directed by Heath himself.

There Were Two Directors in a Movie?
There Were Two Directors in a Movie?
5- Heath Was a Make Up Artist Too?

It was suggested by Heath that the joker’s hands should be painted white to show that he did his make-up himself. It was definitely done to add a natural touch to joker’s role.

An Artist, A Director With His Own Creative Ideas!
An Artist, A Director With His Own Creative Ideas!
6-  Smiley Face on Windscreen

The bullet holes in the windshield as a result of the death of Joker’s driver form a smiley face. This was the scene of the car chase where joker ends up driving.

Did You Notice?
Did You Notice?
7- Heath Ledger Was a Standout From Day 1

The role of joker has been played before by other Joker actors, but Heath Ledger became the youngest of them to accomplish this task.

Youngest Perfectionist!
Youngest Perfectionist!
8- Joker’s Make Up

Heath’s dedication to the role is shown by the fact that he developed joker’s make-up by himself and all make-up team had to do was replicate it so that the look remains the same in every scene.

Heath Was His Own Make Up Artist!
Heath Was His Own Make Up Artist!
9- Matilda’s Blow Up Was Unscripted!

The unrealistic pause when the joker tries to blow apart the hospital was written in the script but Joker’s actions while playing with the detonator were unscripted.

Hospital Blow Up Scene- Unscripted!
Hospital Blow Up Scene- Unscripted!
10- Dedication For The Best Shot

In the scene where Batman interrogates the joker, it was instructed by Heath ledger that the Batman beats him as hard as possible so as to achieve the real feeling out of the scene.

Giving in The Best Shot
Giving in The Best Shot
11- Adopting In The Character

It is said that Heath secluded himself in a motel room for six weeks. This isolation developed the real joker sensation by providing the deep voice, tics and savage laughter.

Preparation is the key to success!
Preparation is the key to success!
12- Tragic Demise of Heath Ledger

Surprisingly, Heath Ledger was nominated as the best supporting actor Oscar winning  on the first anniversary of his death, i.e. in 2009.

Joker never died, but left many fans breathless after actor's death.
Joker never died, but left many fans breathless after actor’s death.

It is justified to say that the role of Joker suited perfectly on Heath Ledger. It was supposed to be for him. Though, Ledger did justice to the role and proved to be one of the most memorable villains of all times.  He was the real evil twin of the Batman who strives to restore peace in the city of Gotham. But Joker tried all he could to stop him and while doing so, he won millions of hearts though his impeccable acting and dialogue delivery. Though, Heath Ledger died in that very year (2008) probably due to side effects of the role.


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