12 Hilarious Cheating Texts Fail That Cheaters Regret

Text messaging is an easy and quick way to communicate with anybody, anytime and anywhere. It’s convenient and your conversations remain private or you can delete it without a trace.

These cheaters know that and take full advantage of it. But sometimes due to their excitement, they forget to check who they sent it to. Only to find out that their cheating days are over. Read these hilarious cheating texts that cheaters regret.

12. Party Pooper
11. End Of Story
10. Deadly Alliance
9. At Your Child’s Mercy
8. Talk To My Lawyer
7. Lost Control
6. Bad Uncle
5. Goodbye Xbox
4. Two Can Play The Game
3. Name Your Price
2. Mom’s In Trouble
1. Auto Correct 

These cheaters definitely got busted. They got too excited and forgot to check who they sent the message to and got caught. It’s the end of their cheating days. Some were even blackmailed. Now, that’s what you get for cheating.


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