12 Fashion Trends Middle-Aged Women Should Ditch

When it comes to age, some people feel awkward talking about it while others don’t bother much. Like they say, age is just a number and it doesn’t define who you are. Plus there are tons of tips and tricks to help you look younger if going under the knife is not an option for you. Clothing is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look and turn back time instantly. Unfortunately, not all trends look good on everyone. Especially if you’re on the more mature side. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a PTA meeting and looking more like one of the students than the one running it. So, as the age gap begins to grow your fashion choices should also be fine tuned and be less geared to over-the-top and skin tight choices. Are you committing these fashion boo-boos? Read on to find out the 12 Fashion Trends Middle-Aged Women Should Ditch.

12. Sky-High Heels and Other Unreasonable Footwear


Ditch at: Mid 40’s

Back when you were younger, sky-high heels were flattering and bearable to wear. Overtime, bunions, and backache are no longer worth the trouble. Also, those uber trendy thigh-high boots and very stylish gladiator sandals make you look like you’re trying too hard. These shoes are impractical to a mature wardrobe and result more often in blisters. A better choice? Replace stilettos and other unflattering shoes with designer labels that flawlessly engage comfort with chic styles. Not to mention the latter can be worn for longer than two hours.


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