12 Fashion Trends Middle-Aged Women Should Ditch

When it comes to age, some people feel awkward talking about it while others don’t bother much. Like they say, age is just a number and it doesn’t define who you are. Plus there are tons of tips and tricks to help you look younger if going under the knife is not an option for you. Clothing is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look and turn back time instantly. Unfortunately, not all trends look good on everyone. Especially if you’re on the more mature side. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a PTA meeting and looking more like one of the students than the one running it. So, as the age gap begins to grow your fashion choices should also be fine tuned and be less geared to over-the-top and skin tight choices. Are you committing these fashion boo-boos? Read on to find out the 12 Fashion Trends Middle-Aged Women Should Ditch.

12. Sky-High Heels and Other Unreasonable Footwear


Ditch at: Mid 40’s

Back when you were younger, sky-high heels were flattering and bearable to wear. Overtime, bunions, and backache are no longer worth the trouble. Also, those uber trendy thigh-high boots and very stylish gladiator sandals make you look like you’re trying too hard. These shoes are impractical to a mature wardrobe and result more often in blisters. A better choice? Replace stilettos and other unflattering shoes with designer labels that flawlessly engage comfort with chic styles. Not to mention the latter can be worn for longer than two hours.

11. Over-the-top Denimdenim

Ditch at: 35

Denim is a fashion staple no matter what age. But if it looks like it was bedazzled by a twin like it depended her life on it, too sparkly, too embellished or too distressed that you look like a homeless person then ditch it. Too much in any one direction is a sure indication that you’re too old for it. Opt for bootcut jeans in dark washes which are versatile wardrobe additions and slenderizing. Well-fitting skinny jeans (not too tight) are also a great choice. Less-is-more and focus on simple timeless styles.

10. Skimpy skirtsmini skirt

Ditch at: 40

Wearing the right skirt, with the right length and fabric can instantly boost your appeal. But skimpy micro-minis can exponentially look trashy with age, even if you have amazing legs. Period. The higher the hemline, the quicker you should toss it. Instead, replace those skimpy skirts with a chic straight or classic pencil cut skirts that don’t reach higher than 4 inches above the knee. If you want to go a little shorter, add fashionable tights.

9. Crop Tops and Hot Pantscrop top

Ditch at:35

Yes, we get it. You’re a fitness buff and have great washboard abs. But that doesn’t mean you have to expose them all the time. The world doesn’t need to see those tight glutes always. Right? It’s not very tasteful and doesn’t reflect a confident, composed woman with a style to envy. Save it for the beach. There’s a right place for that. Draw attention to those special areas by replacing them with patterned pieces. That’s a classier way to get attention.

8. Boastful Graphic Teestees

Ditch at: 30

We’re not against freedom of expression not until it is obnoxiously written across your chest. Save bragging about how you “Woke Up Like This” (even if it took you two hours to get ready) or other trashy self-proclaimed status like ‘Cougar’ or something much worse for happy hour chats. Otherwise, the boasting comes across as simply juvenile and trashy.  Replace those tees with exuding your own confidence in a high-quality cotton tee that can be dressed up or down.

7. Too Much Decolletagedecolletage

Ditch at: 50

It’s true that, if you’ve got, it flaunt it. But when it comes to flaunting your neckline, you wouldn’t want to have a wardrobe misfortune or channel Kim K. Nooo ma’am. A very low neckline can come off as desperate and attention-seeking. Leave some to the imagination or flaunt your shoulders instead. It’s very attractive and classy at the same. A simple rule of thumb, anything below mid-bustline is way too low.

6. Taking Accessories from Teenagers


Ditch at: 35

Bling, animal print, glitter, arm candy, and anything between the line are trendy traps that substantially age their victims rather than keep them looking young and hip. The cool kids and tweens may be rocking the look but combining knockoff knick-knacks leads to a tasteless disaster. Instead of working on the quantity, focus on the quality. Sport ONE funky high-end item — like a patterned scarf or chunky watch — is a chic addition to any look.

5. Sleazy Clubbing Dressesclubbing

Ditch at: 28

If it looks like it belongs at a club screaming for attention, it doesn’t belong hanging in your closet. Wearing skimpy, skin tight, and revealing dresses is not a lady-like way to attract attention. While bargain skin-tight dresses hug your favorable curves, they also accentuate your not-so-favorable ones. If that has been your staple, then it’s time for an overhaul. Replace with an upscale girls-night-out dress that doesn’t break the bank. Try finding a brand-name bargain at an outlet mall or discount stores. You can attract attention and still look classy at the same time.

4. Platform Footwear


Ditch at: 24

The Spice Girls are out and so are these crazy platform footwear. They’ve been out as far as any self-respecting 20-plus-year-old is concerned. This trend is trying to find its way back into your closet but don’t let the nostalgia trick you — it’s not fashionable. For a more modern and stylish look, replace uniform platforms with platform pumps that mimic the former’s height and comfort. As for sneakers, you can find some with wedges nowadays, but really, sneakers are meant to be low-on-the-ground walking-friendly footwear.

3. Color Coordinated Makeupmakeup

Ditch at: 16

Makeup is supposed to be fun and enhance your features. But being matchy-matchy and caking on an outrageously bright color eyeshadow to match your equally colorful top is the quickest way to go from drop-dead-gorgeous to drop-out-drag. A quick expert tip. Replace funky eyeshadow color with subtle hues without lots of shimmers. They’ll make you look fresh and ready to seize the day. The more you age, the more delicately makeup should be applied.

2. Scrunchies


Ditch at: 12

Girl scouts wear scrunchies, not girls out scouting the city with friends, especially not when going out with a cute guy who could potentially be your partner in life. These colorful hair accessories could mean you  not wanting to grow up, so pull yourself together and put on your big-girl-hair-tie. There are lots to choose from. Spice up regular ponytail by replacing with a high-fashion pony by wrapping a small section of hair around a regular hair-tie. A chic pony that’s fit for any occasion.

1. Cowboy Couture


Ditch at: 21

Overalls were supposed to be an extinct look and that should’ve stayed that way for our generation. But if you’re on the fence of tossing them, save them for a workday around the house, cowgirl. Never go out with them. You’re far too smart to be caught wearing those out the house. Keep them at the back of the closet for costume parties, painting or general cleaning around the house. For everything else, denim should be restricted to stylish jackets and boot-cut jeans.

Do you find yourself doing any of these fashion boo-boos? If yes, then now’s the time to ditch them and spare yourself from embarrassment.  You’re too gorgeous to be caught committing any of these crimes. There are no hard rules when it comes to fashion but take a look into the closet and get rid of items you’re questioning. Not all rules are meant to be broken, but most can be tastefully bent.  Also, don’t be afraid to keep the pieces you can’t live without. Can’t give up the short skirt that first caught your hubby’s eye? Try pairing it with tights. Is your favorite top too tight for comfort? Pair it with a classic blazer. If ever you are in doubt, always remember to stick on the side of timeless fashion.


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