12 Famous Stars Who Died Due to an Overdose

Becoming famous may be a dream for many people around the planet, and why wouldn’t it be? A lot of people crave attention, and when you are famous, you do not need to even try to do anything special to become the talk of the town! But the biggest stars know that fame comes with many obstacles and constantly being in the limelight is not easy. It is not uncommon for famous people to have emotional and personal problems, but some of them may find it so difficult to deal with their popularity that they turn to drugs. Here is a list of stars who died after spiraling into drug abuse.

1. Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain
Kurt Cobain

The frontman of grunge rock band Nirvana was famous for singing iconic songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. The troubled musician shocked the world by leaving a suicide note and taking a shotgun to the mouth in 1994. High concentration of heroin and traces of diazepam were found in the body of the 27 year old.


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