12 Famous People That You Had No Idea Were Adopted



When it comes to Hollywood stars and celebrities, we often think we know everything there is to know about them. And in the modern day with social media and TMZ reporting on everything under the sun, we are usually pretty right. However, despite the lack of privacy these individuals often have, we still are finding new dirt out about them every day. In fact, we are going to hazard a guess that you had no idea that any of these 12 famous individuals were actually adopted. These stars range from current stars to stars from almost a century ago. Number 5 is especially hard to believe as they are a major star in the spotlight.

#12 Simone Biles


Simone Biles is arguably the biggest star that was created during the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. She won five medals at the event, including 4 Gold Medals and she is only 19. She was actually raised by her grandmother (along with her sister) due to her mother struggling with addiction.

#11 JC Chasez



While boy bands are largely a thing of the past, they were amazingly popular during their hay day. And JC Chasez was a member of one of the biggest, *NSYNC. When he was a newborn, his biological mother gave him up for adoption after she felt she couldn’t give him a good life. Our next entry is arguably the greatest of all time in a particular sport.

#10 Babe Ruth



Babe Ruth is arguably one of the most famous baseball players of all time and was the home run king for years. But before he was a mega-star, he was sent to live in an orphanage at the age of seven by his parents, who owned a tavern. I’d say things worked out pretty well for him.

#9 John Lennon


A member of perhaps the biggest rock band of all time, John Lennon was a huge superstar across the world. But his life wasn’t always so easy, as his father abandoned him at a young age and his mother couldn’t care for him. He was eventually adopted by his aunt. Our next entry was among the most important and influential people of all time.

#8 Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela was the former President of South Africa and is without a doubt one of the most inspirational and important people in history, who made numerous huge changes in the world. After his father died when Mandela was 9 years old, he was taken in and adopted by the Chief of the Thembu people.