12 Examples of BodyBuilders Taking It Too Far

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In life, we all want to be happy and look our best. And while most of us are okay with going to the gym here and there and eating relatively well, that doesn’t account for everybody. There are those out there who take things even further. Bodybuilders and other people in similar disciplines take their bodies to the next level through extreme workouts and a strict diet. But in addition to this, some of them use “other” help, such as steroids and other drugs which can have awfully negative side effects — up to and including being killed in a confrontation with cops after a ‘roid bender.

Here are 12 examples of when bodybuilders took it too far. Number 5 is especially nuts!

#12 Chad Brothers


Brothers was a bodybuilder from New York. He was taking some time off from the weights when something bad happened. He was running on the treadmill when he tripped and fell. He became extremely agitated and the police were called, and they eventually tazed him and he passed away later on. Steroids were found in his system. Drugs played a factor in number 11’s death, as well.

#11 Andrej Gajdos


This guy was an absolute monster. He weighed over 250 lbs and was over 7 feet tall. His dream was to be the next Dwayne Johnson, and took on an insane diet plan and workout regimen to get there. He also took steroids, which led him to die at the age of 19. The man in the number 9 spot also had a lot of potential.

#10 Sally McNeil


This woman was a former marine, so you know she is tough. She followed up that career by becoming a bodybuilder. But she eventually began to use steroids and developed a bad temper. She beat a woman who had an affair with her husband and then killed her husband with a shotgun.

#9 Dan Puckett


Puckett was an extremely successful bodybuilder who had accumulated a lot of awards. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 22. His death was due to heart failure, which many people believe was caused by his abuse of steroids. He was a student at the University of Alabama at the time.

#8 Anthony D’Arezzo


This man had the classic form that all bodybuilders aim for. While he definitely worked hard for his results, he got a little help from steroids. His doctors told him that he should stop taking them, but he didn’t listen. These steroids ended up costing him his life as he died at the age of 44.

#7 Greg Kovacs


This man was a bodybuilder, but may have been better-known for his off-season weight gain. He would often balloon up to 400 pounds and then still be able to bring himself down to competition weight. He died at the age of 44 due to heart failure, likely brought on by steroids.

#6 Mike Matarazzo


This man was not only a bodybuilder, he was among the most famous in the late 80s and early 90s. He was a massive man at 6’10” and 250 lbs. He competed for a decade on the circuit. He went on to develop a bad heart, and eventually passed away at 48 from a related medical condition.

#5 Gary Himing


This man was a famous bodybuilder and actually passed away while he was on stage! He was competing in Australia in 2009 in a sanctioned event and died in the middle of the show due to a heart attack. The whole thing was horrendous and most likely connected to drug use.

#4 Scott Klein


In the 90s and early 2000s, Klein was a successful bodybuilder. This mountain of a man scored a number of different rankings at heavyweight, but was aided by steroids. After retiring, he went on to become a trainer. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 30 due to kidney failure.

#3 Mohammed Benaziza


This man was an amazingly successful bodybuilder throughout his career. He had 7 Grand Prix wins and two top five finishes at the Mr. Olympia competition. But in 1992, after a competition, he went back to his room, collapsed and died from heart failure at the young age of 33.

You’d think having no body fat would be a good thing, right? Next slide shows this isn’t the case …

#2 Andreas Munzer


This man looks like a superhero. He was known as a successful bodybuilder, but more so for the fact that he carried almost no body fat. He died in 1996 at the age of 32 caused by organ failure. His heart was double the size of the average male and numerous drugs were found in his system in his autopsy. Bue he wasn’t in nearly as much legal trouble as the next guy …

#1 Bertil Fox


This man was a pro bodybuilder and a massive man. He competed for decades and was very successful. But he also abused steroids, and those turned him into a different person. He was eventually found guilty of murdering two women with a gun, which got him prison for life, after originally being sentenced to death by hanging.

While these professional bodybuilders may have been extremely jacked and had amazing bodies, they simply took it too far and some ended up in big trouble, or even died. However, just because a few bodybuilders have taken things way too far, that doesn’t mean that every bodybuilder breaks the rules and runs afoul of the law. Many of the bodybuilders today (and throughout history) are great people who can balance their passion with the rest of their lives without going too far. While drugs aren’t the only reason some of these bodybuilders took things way too far, they were absolutely a contributing factor.


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