Pokemon Go is the latest viral trend that’s sweeping the world. It is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic. It was initially released in selected countries but is now available in more countries. The game is played using the mobile device’s GPS to find, capture, battle or train virtual creatures called Pokemon. They appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player. It received mixed reviews but quickly became a global phenomenon and became one of the most used mobile apps with a download count of 100 million worldwide. In just a week it has become the most used app on the planet even passing Twitter!  Obviously, like any other trends, there are going to be people who will push the limit. Pranksters and daredevils alike have all found unique ways to play this game. Here are the 18 Unimaginable Places People Have Caught Pokemon.

 12. Court Roomcourt room

We’re not sure what Kelcey was doing in the courtroom but we all know for a fact that it could get pretty boring in there. So her remedy? She pulled out her phone and played Pokemon Go! What else could she be doing that’s fun and entertaining right? And we’re just as surprised as she is to find a Pidgey in the courtroom. The judge could be taking a while to make her verdict but Kelcey’s got it all covered.

11. Black Lives Matter Protest
black lives matter

Even this Black Lives Matter protest wouldn’t stop this POGO enthusiast from having his POGO fix. No one comes between this guy and his Pokemon Go, even the police. I think that’s even scarier than the policemen. But if there’s something that we found out is that Pinsir’s are on the wrong side of the law.

10. Gassed Upgassed up

The US Holocaust Museum serves as the U.S.’s official memorial to the Holocaust. Who would have thought that the game developers would even put Pokemon in the area? To make things more awkward and ironic, a gas Pokemon named Koffing was found in the area. We’re not sure if there was a pun intended or it was just by chance but many people were outraged after finding it out.

9. Shredding the Watershredding the water

Here’s a Squirtle found by a POGO enthusiast and surfer. But this time, it’s shredding the waters. This surfer sure has a great balance to be able to surf and play Pokemon Go at the same time. When you gotta catch ’em all, you definitely gotta catch ’em all! There’s no downtime even during a water shred session.

8. Water Pokemon Gymwater pokemon gym

These girls wouldn’t let anything stop them from playing Pokemon Go. The dedication and enthusiasm these POGO players show are just as crazy as the game. Wouldn’t you agree with me? They are so passionate about the game that they even kayaked out to the water fountain to claim this gym for the blue team. That’s one point for the blue team!

7. Under the Sea
under the sea

If there was a Pokemon found up in the sky then there should also be a Pokemon underwater, right? Then here it is, Angela Garcia found a Magikarp at the bottom of the sea in the Bahamas. How cool is that? But even in the ocean, the Magikarp is a flop! What’s even cooler is that Angela’s cell phone is able to withstand being under the sea. Playing Pokemon Go under the sea is probably more exciting but let’s just hope there are no sharks lurking around.

6. Hospital Room

Hospital Room

This soon-to-be mother is in full labor and we can see that she’s so uncomfortable and just wants the birthing process to end. But looks like his husband has other things in mind, that is playing Pokemon Go. Why wouldn’t he, it’s the latest game on the planet? And it’s just his luck that he found a Pidgey in the room. Maybe his wife wouldn’t mind him playing Pokemon Go until the baby arrives.

5. N.Y.P.D.



Even your friendly neighborhood policeman couldn’t escape the Pokemon Go craze and even found a Pikachu inside his car. This NYPD police officer couldn’t contain his excitement and even took a selfie with Pikachu. Hopefully, the police officers don’t get too hooked playing the game and forget to catch the real bad guys.

4. Skyscraperskyscraper

This daredevil surely took Pokemon Go to the extreme. Or maybe he was just having a bad reception? But James really wanted to catch a Pokemon so bad that he even climbed to the top of the building just to catch one. And luckily, he found one. But nothing too special as it was just an Oddish hanging around on top of the skyscraper. It’s better than nothing, right?

3. Mountain Top

mountain top

This mountain climber not only loves nature but is also a Pokemon Go enthusiast! I mean you’re hanging for thousands of feet from the ground and you still make time to play Pokemon Go. Now that is dedication! Or obsession? But we’re talking about a Pikachu here right so this one’s valid, right? Go ask a Pokemon Go enthusiast then you’ll understand why.

2. 11,000 Feet Up11,000 feet up

This skydiver is definitely having the time of his life. Playing Pokemon Go while free falling from the sky? What could anybody ask for? But seriously, Peter Frederick was just as surprised as us to see a Snorlax up in the atmosphere. I don’t think the Pokemon Go creators took into account the height you’re at when a Pokemon appears. But surely you don’t want to be under this Pokemon when it lands on the ground.

1. Iraq Frontline

iraq frontline


If this isn’t crazy then I don’t know what is! The last place you would probably expect to see a virtual Pokemon is in the Iraqi war frontline against ISIS. The former US Marine Louis Park shared a photo of his Squirtle encounter on Facebook. If the soldiers are passing the time playing Pokemon maybe the ISIS are also busy playing Pokemon Go? Who knows? But we think it’s definitely better playing Pokemon than bombing each other, right? The 26-year-old is volunteering with Dwehk Nawsha, Christian militia who are fighting against Islamic State forces.

Now if that isn’t crazy for you then I don’t know what is. Pokemon Go is credited with popularizing location-based and improved reality gaming, as well as for promoting physical activity and helping local business grow. It’s probably one of the few highly addicting games that do not make you a couch potato. However, it was also involved in controversy for contributing to accidents and becoming a public headache at some locations. Some governments even expressed concerns over the game’s security, with laws being passed in some countries as a result. But despite the cons of the game, we can’t deny its popularity.