12 Celebrities Who Got Robbed Before Kim Kardashian

FeaturedForgotWith the recent news of Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris and getting million dollars of jewelry getting stolen, celebrities everywhere have to be a bit worried that something like this could happen, even with all of their security present. And not to point out the obvious, but people with a ton of wealth and fame are very attractive to robbers, criminals, and thieves. While Kim Kardashian’s robbery is a recent example, there have actually been a ton of celebrities that have had their homes broken into, been robbed or experienced crime at some point in their lives. We’re counting down the 12 biggest below. You won’t believe the person at the number 5 spot!

#12 Chris Brown

001--12-chris-brown-482653Chris Brown is a pretty controversial guy, and while many might argue he deserves anything that comes his way, his recent spat with a stalker probably didn’t have much to do with his public record. An obsessed fan decided to not only break into his home, but also take things one step further. The stalker stripped, laid down in his bed and spray painted “I love you” all over a ton of his property, including his expensive collection of cars.

#11 Jon Bon Jovi

002--11-jon-bon-jovi-482655Jon Bon Jovi is one of the most famous and legendary rock artists out there, but it seems some people didn’t respect his legacy very much. A 22-year-old man broke into his home and stole about $100,000 from the singer. The same man was also responsible for a string of other robberies. The next entry on this list was also a victim of a serial thief!

#10 Paris Hilton

003--10-paris-hilton-482657Paris Hilton was robbed a whopping five times and had about $2 million worth of personal possessions stolen from her. She was the biggest victim of the “Bling Ring,” a group of thieves who target the homes of celebs. Paris wasn’t the only celeb they hit. The person at the number 3 also fell victim to the group.

#9 Miley Cyrus

004--9-miley-cyrus-482661Believe it or not, Miley has been robbed numerous times over the past few years. That’s right, the singer and actress was victimized a total of three times by robbers. The first robber took her jewelry, the second took her Maserati and the third took a variety of different personal possessions from her home.

#8 Sandra Bullock

005--8-sandra-bullock-7a0ad5c87a1e23267ba22089bb71c8a5Sandra Bullock is without a doubt one of the best and highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Despite her level of stardom, criminals have targeted her in the past. She was stalked and robbed by a 39-year-old man a few years ago, and he was finally arrested after he broke into her home in 2014.

#7 2 Chainz

006--7-2-chainz-f38f4f93104e7314d957eda50787a237Way back in 2013, 2 Chainz was actually robbed at gunpoint by a few men who took his wallet, watch and jewelry. After 2 Chainz and his crew fled the scene, the thieves shot at them, but thankfully didn’t hit anyone. This whole ordeal was also caught on camera.

#6 Rod Stewart

Royal National Institute Of Blind People Summer Gala - ArrivalsBack when he was still a mega star in the 1980’s, Stewart was robbed. In 1982, he was driving his Porsche while his 3-year old daughter was also in the car. A man came to the car with a gun and Stewart just let him take it, as the safety of his daughter was more important to him. Number 5 is next. Remember that we promised this one was a doozy?

#5 Kanye West

008--5-kanye-west-2f1bd62103e01a719f7d617d95942ba6While West wasn’t present when his wife was held up and robbed a few weeks back, he is no stranger to being the victim of crime. Back in 2012, the rapper put his home up for sale and soon after, he experienced a break-in at the property. Thankfully, no one was home at the time. You could say the next entry also has a lot in common with Kim K …

#4 Kourtney Kardashian

009--4-kourtney-kardashian-84d1b5b274d0e0c769cf8df53698fec4Looks like Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one to fall victim to a robbery. Kourtney was actually robbed in 2009 when her home was rummaged through by criminals. Numerous pieces of jewelry and fancy watches were stolen, and the total value of the items that the thieves got away with was several hundred thousand dollars.

#3 Megan Fox

010--3-megan-fox-d32ce792ded372f0be2cbf8ee32bc870Like Paris Hilton, Megan Fox also fell victim to the thieves from the “Bling Ring.” She and then-husband Brian Austin Green had their home broken into. The Bling Ring stole a ton of different personal possessions including lots of Fox’s clothes and a gun that was owned by her husband.

#2 LL Cool J

011--2-ll-cool-j-482675LL Cool J had his house broken into in 2012, but he didn’t react how most celebrities do when they are being robbed. LL Cool J actually tackled the home intruder and took him down on his own. While most people require their own security or security system, it seems LL Cool J has it all under control.

#1 Rihanna

012--1-rihanna-889dff46a5fe4f7a3eef22389ddb4f57Rihanna is definitely one of the biggest stars on the planet and has been for years. Unfortunately, this fame has led to her having a number of different stalkers over the years. One was found on her roof, one was trying to get into her bed and a third accidentally broke into her neighbor’s place, thinking it was Rihanna’s.

So there you have it. While Kim Kardashian is the most recent example of a celebrity being robbed in a high profile way, she is far from the only celeb to fall victim to thieves or other criminals. While these people live a life of luxury, one that most people would die for, this life of luxury also makes them an easy target for crooks. And the sad part is, criminals will continue to victimize these celebrities, as long as they continue to flaunt their wealth. And while having security can help, it will not always be enough for these celebs.


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