12 Celebrities who Dress Inappropriately for their Age


We, average joes love it when celebrities dress up. When we see their taste in fashion and flaunt their great figures. But sometimes, too much or too little (clothes, that is) could be an eyesore rather. You know what we mean guys. We understand that these celebrities just want to stand out and express their unique sense of style. But even in self-expression, there should be limits, for the benefit of their fans and audience.  Especially when there’s too much skin. Flaunting one or two body parts is acceptable but when everything’s all out there it leaves too little for the imagination and looks trashy. Just like these 12 Celebrities who Dress Inappropriately for their Age.

12. Paris Hiltonparis-hilton

The socialite and heiress became an instant celebrity when her spicy tape with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked to the public. We don’t see Paris complaining as it seemed she loved the attention, very much. She’s also known for her skimpy clothes. When she was 20 we could forgive her for that like she said, “I’m only 20, what do I know?” Now that she’s well into her 30s, nothing pretty much changed. She could probably know more now, now that she’s 35. But it seems like she’s stuck in her 20s. We though an heiress is supposed to be classy?

11. Ariana Grande
ariana grande

The teen pop superstar is undeniably gorgeous. She’s super talented and fine-looking and her legion of fans can attest to that. Pre-teen, teens, and the young at heart adore and idolize her. She has a great figure and petite frame and she loves flaunting them. Yes, we love her to bits but too much skin and lady parts exposed is just not flattering. Especially at a young age. She may be wanting to grow up too fast. She better be a good role model since a lot of young girls look up to her and copies everything from her. We don’t want to see young girls walking around half naked, don’t we?

10. Vicki Gunvalson
upfront bravo arrivals LA 310311
upfront bravo arrivals LA 310311

The Real Housewives of Orange County mainstay star is a 54-year-old grandmother who loves flaunting her G’s. She may be rich and all but even rich people can’t get away with everything. And that includes wearing inappropriate clothes! We get she wants to look younger and stand out but showing skin doesn’t automatically make you look younger. Especially for her age. A little class grandma Vicki and we’re sure you can pick out clothes that are age appropriate but not matronly.

9. Nicki MinajNicki-Minaj-2016

This 33-year-old talented singer, yes she’s 33 loves dressing up. But sometimes, rather most of the time her fashion choices are just a miss. Wearing colorful clothes are not a bad thing, especially if you want to stand out and have fun. But there should be a limit to it. And exposing all your lady parts at the same time is not attractive, to some maybe. We admit she has a great figure with all the curves in the right places whether they may be real or not. She’s not giving justice to her beauty and talent wearing all those trashy clothes. Nicki, time to cover up.

8. Justin Bieberjustin bieber

Here’s another teen idol whom the whole world idolizes. He has a bazillion fans and most of them are young girls who go ga-ga over him. He used to dress up pretty decent and like a young gentleman when he was starting out but then as he was approaching adulthood his style completely changed. Let’s not forget his run-ins with legal matters. Now, he looks like a homeless thug with all the tattoos and baggy clothes. He looks more like a wife beater than a dapper gentleman. We may sound old fashioned but class never goes out of style.

7. Courtney Stodden

The former reality show contestant became infamous for marrying the then 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison when she was just 16-years-old back in 2011. That’s like marrying you dad. She may also be well-known for wearing trashy clothes that doesn’t very much suit her age. She is now 21-years-old but still dresses up pretty much the same if not even worse. Her daily attire won’t be complete if none of her assets are almost popping out. That’s something a decent 21-year-old wouldn’t wear. Go cover up Courtney.

6. Snoop Doggsnoop dogg

The rapper and actor was discovered by Dr. Dre of N.W.A., as a result, he was prominently featured throughout Dr. Dre’s solo debut album and the rest was history. The 44-year-old rapper has been in the industry for a long time. But his fashion sense hasn’t changed that much. He still dresses up like a teenage boy in a gang at school. We’d love to see him dress up more of like a gentleman of his age. No baggy clothes, bling, and dreads, please. We imagine he would look dashing in well-fitting and classier clothes.

5. Katy Perrykaty perry

The bubbly and fun-loving singer is associated with her fun and colorful style. Especially when she goes on tour, the stage setup and her costumes are all about fun. It’s like a unicorn exploded. Colors, candies, and rainbows are everywhere. And let’s not get started with her costumes. Her tour costumes, seem to be getting smaller and smaller almost barely covering only the essentials. They’re so skimpy that even bending just a little bit exposes her. She’s already a big time star, maybe it’s time for a change. She can be fun without showing too much skin.

4. Pamela Andersonpamela anderson2

We all agree that Baywatch season was the prime of her career. That skin tight, red one piece bathing suit showcased all her goodies. Especially her twins jumping all over the place when she runs around. We bet that’s one reason why the show was a huge (pun intended) success. But she’s way past her youth and it’s no longer appealing to see her twins hanging out all the time. But she still looks amazing, though, we just want her to cover up a little and choose classier clothes that highlight not expose her twins.

3. Mariah Careymariah-carey-james-packer-2016-glaad-awards-13

The award-winning and chart-topping diva is a talented woman. We’ve seen her body change throughout her career but no matter what her size she never feels the need to cover up or tone down a bit even if she’s now in her late 40s. As a matter if fact, she might have covered up more as a young singer than she does now that she’s a mother and more mature. Yes, we agree she has great legs and other assets but as a woman in her late 40s, she needs to tone it down a bit as it’s getting a little tiring to see her in all those revealing clothes.

2. Miley Cyrusmiley-cyrus-remained-in-news-throughout-2015-over-her-outrageous-antics

She may be the best example of a good girl gone bad. The former Disney star used to dress up stylishly and age appropriate but when she graduated from being a Disney star, things turned around. For the worse! She’s had several scandalous photo shoots, music videos, social media photos, you name it. It’s like she’s transformed into a totally different person. She’s a big star and we’re pretty sure she can afford to buy some pants or decent top. Please, put on some clothes Miley young girls look up to you and we’re sure it won’t hurt your bank account to buy some decent clothes.

1. Madonnamadonna

The Material Girl and Mother of Reinvention is a talented and amazing artist. She has surpassed time and people still adore her. She adapts pretty well despite her age. Speaking of age, she’s in her late 50s and doesn’t look like it. Thanks to her strict health regimen and a little help from science to slow down the aging process. In fact, she looks amazing for her age. She’s super fit, fitter than most younger women, so we’ll give her credit for that. But sometimes, her clothes are waaay too young for her age. Yes, she has a great body but that doesn’t mean the whole world needs to see every inch of it.

Now who says celebrities can get away with anything? These 12 celebrities who dress inappropriately for their age certainly didn’t! Yes, we would love to see our favorite celebrities dress up and express their individuality but there has to be a limit! Especially if it is already inappropriate for the age. We’re sure they can dress up in a more classy yet still fashionable way that’s age appropriate. We’ll there’s always next time. Hopefully, they do better in dressing themselves up.