12 Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Enlisted – No. 2 Is Insane!


A lot of actors play soldiers in the movies. They put on amazing performances that make it hard to believe they are acting. But for some celebrities, being a soldier was their reality for a number of years. Hollywood celebrities often get the bad reputation of being “soft,” but that is not a word you could ever use to describe the people in this article. Serving your country is a tremendous honor, but it is by no means easy. These 12 celebrities put their lives on the line for their country. Most of these celebs will look familiar, but you’ll never see #8 coming.

#12 Ice-T

001-12-ice-t-692723Ice-T has made quite the career in show business between his music and TV credits. After selling drugs as a teen, he decided to join the military to earn more money. He served a four-year tour in the army. Check out the 10th entry for another famous individual in the music business.

#11 Harvey Keitel

002-11-harvey-keitel-692725Harvey Keitel is an Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated actor who is most famous for Bugsy, Taxi Driver, and Pulp Fiction among others. But long before his film career took off, he decided to join the Marines. He joined at 16 and served in Operation Blue Bat in Lebanon.
#10 Elvis Presley

003-10-elvis-presley-692727That’s right, the King of Rock and Roll used to serve in the military. He is arguably the most influential musician of the 20th century and is a cultural icon. After he was already established as a breakout star, he was drafted into the military. He served in the Army for two years and even became a Sergeant.

#9 Chuck Norris

004-9-chuck-norris-692731Alongside Bruce Lee, Norris is among the most famous martial artists in history. He appeared in a number of martial arts films, as well as other popular movies and TV shows. When he was 18, he joined the military and was stationed in South Korea. This is where he began to take an interest in martial arts.

#8 Bea Arthur

005-8-bea-arthur-692736Arthur had a career in show business that spanned seven decades. She was an actress, comedian, and singer. Before it all, however, she was a truck driver and typist for the U.S. Marines during World War II. She received an honorable discharge in 1945. The next man served in the military for over a decade.

#7 Montell Williams


Montell Williams was the host of his own TV talk show from 1991 to 2008. He has also been a spokesperson for a number of organizations and causes, such as MS (which he has). After graduating high school, Williams joined the Marines. He was a Marine for a few years and then joined the Navy. In total, he spent 15 years in the military.

#6 Rob Riggle

007-6-rob-riggle-692740Rob Riggle is one of the most hilarious comedic actors in all of Hollywood right now. He is normally viewed as a silly man, but used to have a very serious job. Riggle used to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marines and served for 23 years before retiring in 2013.

#5 Mel Brooks

008-5-mel-brooks-692747Brooks is a world famous comedic writer and director. He has won almost every award there is to win and has been immensely successful. In his youth, he was drafted into the Army and became a Corporal. His duty was to diffuse landmines during World War II, an incredibly dangerous job.

#4 Hugh Hefner

009-4-hugh-hefner-692749Hefner is known as the creator of the Playboy brand. He is constantly surrounded by beautiful women who want to appear in his magazines. But before all the glitz and the glamor, he served as a writer for the military newspaper in the U.S. Army. The next man is amongst the most famous actors in Hollywood, and has been for decades.

#3 Clint Eastwood

010-3-clint-eastwood-692751Clint Eastwood has played the “bad ass” in movies for decades. However, in real life, he is also a certified bad ass. He was drafted into the Army and was actually in a bomber than ran out of fuel and crashed into the ocean. He and the pilot had to swim 3 miles to safety.

#2 Dr. Ruth

011-2-dr-ruth-692754Dr. Ruth is an American sex therapist and author. She ushered in the more “frank” discussions that take place on TV and the radio about sex. But before she was a major cultural icon, she was a member of Haganah. Haganah was a Jewish paramilitary organization and she served as a sniper. Quite the career change she made.

#1 Bob Barker

012-1-bob-barker-692756Bob Parker is without a doubt best known for his role as the longtime host of “The Price is Right.” He held that role from 1972 to 2007 until Drew Carey took over for him. But before he ever became a TV star, he served in World War II as a fighter pilot.

These past and present stars are among the most famous individuals in their chosen disciplines. For most people, it is shocking that celebs like Elvis, Bea Arthur, Dr. Ruth and Hugh Hefner served in the military. War is definitely controversial, but those who fight for their country are selfless and honorable, and these celebs are no different. The fact that they were able to become so famous and talented after giving it their all in the military is impressive. These 12 are a select few of the many celebrities who should be honored for serving their country in the military.