12 People Reveal The Weirdest Encounter They’ve Had That Actually Led To Getting Laid

Trying to get laid is one of the biggest struggles when it comes to a social life. There are plenty of weird stats available to help desperate folks trying to get a one night stand going. One recent study suggested that your phone choice makes a difference, and that iPhone owners are likely to get laid quicker than Blackberry and Android users. Another survey showed that the chances of getting some are higher on a Wednesday night.

But no matter what you do to improve your chances, sometimes destiny unpredictably conspires to make sure you get some even in the most bizarre circumstances imaginable.

These 12 lucky individuals have seen the promised land, and the road to getting there was complete insanity.

12. Sex From Tragedy

Our first story talks about a guy who was out driving when a dog quickly ran in front of his car. The dog’s owner was completely in tears as she sent her furry friend to the emergency room. Unfortunately, her pet didn’t make it. The driver of the car offered her a drink, which somehow led to them getting it on.

11. Dance Floor Boogie

While on the dance floor, one guy was being groped by another dude that was attracted to him. Obviously, he wasn’t having it and walked to the other side. Minutes later, the grinding fellow brought over a hot lady to the man as an apology. The two had sex several times before going their separate ways.

10. Twice In A Night

Some lucky guy managed to have sex with a girl, leave to get some food at 7-Eleven, meet another girl in the store, and take her to a separate hotel on the same block for sex. This guy was either extremely lucky in his ventures or a complete sex magnet in his town.

The next sexual encounter involves a simple can of beer.

9. This Bud’s For You

There’s nothing like having a cold can of beer after a hard day’s work. This guy decided to flick his tag instead of throwing it in the trash. The piece of metal accidentally landed in the cleavage of a woman sitting a few feet away from him. The two started talking and had sex before the day was through.

8. I Dare You

While hanging out with the pop punk band Rufio, one girl was dared to tell a boy at the party that she wanted to have sex with him. With his dashing good looks, she couldn’t resist. The two started having sex in the bathroom when a gang of people banged on the door to use the room for their personal needs.

7. Attempting The Tricycle

Hours before turning 18, an eager guy got lucky when two ladies wanted to have sex with him. While this was a very tempting offer, they lacked a secure place to do the deed. Luckily, his friend gave up his own bedroom and slept in the car in one of the greatest wingman moves of all time.

The following story involves a bit of betrayal.

6. Quick Rebound

A lady thought she was on top of the world while she was dating this handsome guy until she ran into his actual girlfriend at a party. She was completely heartbroken, and a man she met earlier that night came over to comfort her. The two had sex, and the lady tried to escape unnoticed, but the kind man asked if she wanted breakfast.

5. It Was Meant To Be

At the age of six, a charming boy ran into a girl at the candy store. A decade later, the two become friends in high school and walked past the old shop. They suddenly realized this is where they originally met as kids. They eventually started getting it on every day after school. Luckily, this story has a happy ending; the two have been married for a decade.

4. Nutmeg Pursuit

Who would’ve thought that nutmeg was a gateway for sex? One man didn’t think it was possible as he searched the town with a lovely lady to find the spice. Giving up on their adventures, they decided to have sex numerous times. Unfortunately, the fellow still didn’t find any nutmeg.

This next guy barely managed to walk away in one piece.

3. Sorry For Nearly Killing You

One guy was busy painting a house when the owner’s daughter accidentally knocked over his ladder, which led to him bashing his head on the concrete. He was sent to the hospital with a concussion and a broken back. The daughter felt extremely guilty for the situation and stood by his side and gave him some apology sex when he got better.

2. A Chain Reaction

When it was last call at the bar, a confident guy asked a lady if she wanted to come back to his place for sex. Surprisingly enough, she said yes, which made him the hero of the place when he came back. Because of this, he managed to hook up with three more ladies.

1. Touchdown

One fellow played a game of strip Madden with a friend of a friend, and by the time he was winning 28-0, the lady was already fully naked. In order to make things equal, he decided to let her score, which led to him removing his clothes. With both of them naked on the couch, they eventually started having sex.

With so many out of the ordinary routes to the bedroom, it just shows how unpredictable a one night stand can be nowadays. Some of these experiences are insane enough to be turned into a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Kevin James. There have been some rare cases where a simple one night stand led to true love at the end.

What are your thoughts on the list? Did you or someone you know have a crazier journey to a sexual encounter? Let us know in the comment section below, and be sure to share this with your friends!


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