12 Awkward Times Cheaters Got Expos...

12 Awkward Times Cheaters Got Exposed Through Text


Cheating is a big problem that a lot of people both in the dating and the married world experience. It’s one thing to walk in and actually see your partner cheating on you, but to find out through a simple text can be horrifying. You never think that one simple text that your partner sends could possibly be the end of a long-term relationship. No matter what, it’s always shocking and traumatic to find out someone is cheating on you. A lot of times, getting outed as a cheater could be avoided, but simple stupid mistakes can expose a person’s adultery. Click through to see 12 times cheaters got caught by sending a sexy text to the WRONG person!

Can you imagine being the cheater in #3? Horrifying!

#12 Mom’s In Trouble


Parents get made fun of because they don’t know how to use their technology sometimes. Well, this mom proved that she definitely isn’t a pro with her phone quite yet. It’s one thing to reveal to your child you’re cheating on their other parent, but it’s another to reveal it in such a stupid manner.

#11 Not Breaking Up, Yet


Getting broken up with through text can be rough, but what about when your spouse does it to you? Well luckily for this couple, that wasn’t the original intention of the first text. They just wanted to break up with their other partner… That’s not a mistake you can come back from.

#10 That Could’ve Been Avoided


This text is just painfully stupid in that it could have been completely avoided. If the girl simply didn’t reveal she thought she was texting her father, she might have been able to avoid a fight altogether. But alas, she did not. It’s probably for the better, at least. Maybe next time she’ll be more careful when trying to cheat… She’s not the only one on the list who made a mistake like this. Check out #7!

#9 Broken Heart Means Broken Xbox


What could be worse than getting cheated on and getting your heart broken? Getting your beloved Xbox broken might be a pretty close second. Unfortunately for this dude, he’ll be experiencing the heartbreak of losing both. But it’s really his fault in the first place. At least she won’t be breaking any bones!

#8 Big Spelling Mistake


Some couples fear they might call another person in bed by the name of their ex or their crush. It’s a normal thing, as sometimes it can be hard to control what you say or do in the heat of the moment. But texting someone is completely different. How do you mess up that big? Ever heard of spell check?

#7 Might Want To Double Check That


This one hurts because they almost got away with it! At first, it seemed as though their plan worked and they had convinced their partner they were just staying in for the night. But instead, they were too careless to check exactly who they were texting and ended up revealing the plan and ruining their relationship.

#6 Sorry Not Sorry


A text like this would be brutal. At first, you’d probably hope to find out that your partner really didn’t cheat on you. But then to find out that they don’t really feel that bad about it has to burn twice as much! At least they could have apologized for it. This text will leave a serious mark on the receiver.

#5 Good News?


For some couples, finding out the other person is pregnant can be the greatest news they’ll ever get. But what if at the same time you found out your partner was pregnant, you also found out they were cheating on you? Only this couple will truly be able to know just how much that really hurts.

#4 All Just A Game


Well if you ever suspect your partner might be cheating on you, maybe you might want to try out this little trick the person played on their significant other. It would hurt to find out someone betrayed you, but coming back at them to reveal your secrets might just be a little bit of an overreaction.

#3 Check Your Surroundings


If you’re going to cheat on someone, it might be a good idea to stay out of the public eye. Especially a place that they might frequent with their own boss! Unfortunately, this person wasn’t thinking very clearly and ended up revealing their infidelity in a big lie!

#2 Don’t Do It With Friends


Finding out your boyfriend wants to hook up with a friend is absolutely devastating. But it’s the guy’s fault for not thinking about the situation all the way through. If you’re trying to cheat on your girl with your friend, maybe make sure they aren’t hanging out together at the same time.

#1 Nice Save


If you’re covering for a friend while they’re cheating, maybe make sure that the excuses you’re using are plausible. At least this person could’ve just not texted back. But instead, they ended up outing their friend. At least the truth was revealed throughout this dumb mistake.

If you’ve learned one thing from this list, hopefully it’s to never cheat on your significant other. You never truly know who to trust and you never know when they might catch you in the act! If you didn’t learn that though, hopefully the second piece of knowledge you gained from this list is to ALWAYS double check your texts before you send them! A lot of these situations could have been avoided by simply not cheating in the first place, but they definitely could’ve have not happened had the people cheating only texted what messages they were sending before they were sent!


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