11 Signs That You’ve Found The Perfect Woman

Just like the lottery, today’s dating world is one big crap chute of good and bad luck. You think you’ve finally found the one, and suddenly, you’re right back in single life hell.

How do you know when you’ve found the right one? Here are 11 signs that the lady in your life is a certified keeper.

11. We Are Family


While you’re just getting into the relationship, you’ll often think about what the future holds for you. Perhaps you want someone that you envision having kids with one day. Someone who is nurturing to those around them is a strong candidate, so if you’re both compassionate, the relationship will be, too.

10. Laughter Is The Best Medicine


Having a huge sense of humor is a major plus to any relationship. It can help break the tension in any serious situation. If she can keep you laughing, she’s a keeper. Just don’t do anything embarrassing that could turn into material for her stand-up comedy set.

Without this next trait, you can find yourself dating a statue…

9. Cold As Ice? No Good


You come home with some flowers and chocolate for your love. What happens if you give them to her and she simply looks at you with a dead stare?

This can lead to you not wanting to open up as much. You need to be with someone who can show you the same amount of love.

8. Dressed For The Occasion


Don’t think your lady will always walk around the house dressed to the nines. Whether she’s ready for a night on the town or relaxing in her PJs, you’ll always find her attractive. If you don’t, then it’s time to move on.

Up next, there’s nothing worse than a clinger…

7. All By Myself


We all need our alone time every now and then. Being able to collect your thoughts and reflect on things is calming. There’s nothing worse than dating someone who needs to be by your side at all times, so having a lady who gives you space can be very important.

6. On The Same Page


In relationships, we all have our wants and needs. What you desire might not be what she’ll find appropriate and vice versa. Compromise is critical when it comes to making both sides happy—just don’t try to throw the idea of having a giraffe around in the mix.

You’ll need some excitement in your relationship, too…

5. Spice Up Your Life


Being around someone for a long time might lead to some bland moments. Taking some skydiving lessons or learning how to ride a bull can help shake things up.

You’ll also want someone that will surprise you every now and then. Things like a spontaneous trip to Mexico or tickets to a sold-out concert are some great examples.

4. Feel Like Making Love


Having massive sex appeal is a prerequisite to any relationship. If you can only see her as one of the bros, then it’s not going to work out. On the same note, she won’t be interested in you if you look like a complete slob.

You’re gonna want some claws to go with that gorgeous dress, too…

3. Toughest Chick On The Block


In today’s society, many women have a lot more edginess in their overall demeanor. They can rock the latest Louis Vuitton, but it’s shouldn’t stop them from beating the boys at basketball in it. There’s a fine balance between being a typical lady and having some sass in their step.

2. Just Like Einstein


You don’t want to date someone who chooses not to keep up with the news. Intelligence is always sexy, right? Don’t feel scared talking to an intelligent woman, because they’re usually just as happy to teach as they are to learn.

The last trait can make or break any relationship.

1. Stranger In My House


Coming back from a miserable day at work is never a good thing. The one thing that will make it better is seeing your lady again.

Sometimes, though, you’ll return home to a distant girlfriend that feels like a stranger—it can be crushing. Being around your lady should feel like being at home.


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