10 Things All Women Need To Know Ab...

10 Things All Women Need To Know About The Art Of Seduction

Every woman reading this knows that dudes can be tricky to pin down. You’ve tried to seduce him by talking dirty and dressing sexy, you’re playful and sensual, but not slutty, but for all your efforts the man of your dreams is a long way from being the man in your bed.

Here we’ll give you a handful of proven tips not only on the art of luring a guy into bed, but how to keep him there when you do. Keep reading, ladies and you’ll soon be a few minutes away from knowing the secrets to a man’s heart, and equally as important, the area just a bit lower that does most of his thinking.

10. Ready… Aim…Fire!

Landing a man can be like reeling in a fish; you have to tease him, play with him, let him know you’re interested, but don’t go mauling him 5 minutes after making an introduction. Awaken his desires subtly at first, teasing him, because a little bit of male frustration will make him want to eat you up.

9. Zoning In On The Right Parts

Now that you’ve got him interested, you can let your hands go. That said, the teasing is far from being over. You’ve touched his hand a few times, so now brush your hand somewhere close to those never-regions of his body. Accidentally maybe. But the closer you get, the more you’ll drive him wild. When he tries the same, let him close, but then playfully brush his hand away. Read on and see how to drive him even more wild.

8. It Can End With A Kiss

A good kisser can make most men red with shame after they’ve experienced an accidental mess in their underwear. Use that mouth of yours to nibble on his ear, softly blow the saliva you’ve left until it chills him, then caress his lips with your tongue until he unexpectedly feels a playful bite on his lower lip.

7. Talk Dirty To Me

You’ve probably worked out by now just how outgoing, or even kinky, your man might be. But one thing’s is for sure – whether he’s a sexual saint or a BDSM aficionado, he’s going to like it when you talk dirty to him. The best thing here is the element of surprise, so tell him something that blows him away. Where you want him, and what you are going to do to him. No questions asked, you are going to rock his world.

6. Then Surprise Him Some More

The secret to a long and healthy sex life is to keep changing up your game. Being creative in bed can be an important element to sustain a long-lasting relationship. Read on up all the myriad ways to pleasure him, and trust us, there’s nothing much he won’t take to. Next, we’ll share with you some of those moves.

5. Cover Every Inch Of Him

That hardworking mouth of yours should have touched every bit of flesh possible by now. The erogenous zones are all over him: his ears, his neck, the backs of his knees, nipples, the crack between his butt cheeks, and gently, gently, his sacred scutum. If you want to find his G-spot, let’s just say you’ll have to turn him on his stomach for that, and why not, but measure his reactions at all times so you know what works best.

4. Killing Him Softly

A mistake less sexually experienced women can make is sometimes going at their man as if he was a lump of meat to be tenderized. He might like it rough, but to get to that stage, make him crazy with caresses all the time, leading him to what’s coming next.

3. Let Him Have His Way With You

If your man thinks for a moment you’re a little bit conservative, he might go months or years without doing the things to you he’s always wanted to do. If you are ready for it, let him know there are parts of you open to him all hours. Don’t leave him guessing – be the one that will always be in his memory for doing the things the others wouldn’t allow him to do.

2. Discover His Kinky Side

Be adventurous, curious, and a grade-A student of the Kama Sutra. Find out the secrets he’s been hiding about what really turns him on, and then go for it. Be it school uniforms, leather straps or dripped candle wax, have as much fun as you can. You only live once, girls.

1. Keep Him Guessing

Finally, don’t settle for the same old. The less he knows about what you’re going to do next, the better your sex life, and love life, will be. Continually keep him on his toes, so from one day to the next he doesn’t know what surprises you have in store for him. Try new and unexpected places, positions and heck … thrown in a toy or two. Hopefully, you’ll both keep exploring each other’s bodies for a long time to come.

No man is the same, but sexual exploration is one thing that all adults should keep in mind lest their romance run dry. All this you can conquer, but the art of conversation also has to be there, so ask him what he wants and tell him what you need.

At the end of the day, if you’ve practiced these simple, yet well-proven acts of seduction and sexual liberation, you can’t really go wrong. But just remember that relationships can get stale if they are not constantly injected with novelty. Be daring, take risks, and enjoy yourself. Why not let us know what you think, and maybe help us add some more tips to this list.



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