10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump

why hillary clinton lost to donald trump

The whole world watched with anxiety and anticipation for the U.S. presidential election. It was not only the U.S. who was divided but the whole world. Each and everyone has a strong opinion and reason for supporting their chosen candidate. While Hillary was doing well during the campaigns and polls, a shocking turn of events happened when Donald Trump was announced as the new president. We all know the flaws she committed (Donald’s not clean either) that could have affected her chances of winning, but here are the 10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Lost to Donald Trump. If she covered her bases she could have had a higher chance of winning but America has decided.

10. Bill

bill clinton

Need we say more? Yes, Bill was the 42nd president of the United States but that’ probably the only positive thing we can say about him. Harsh? Just take a look at Hillary’s and Donald’s debates. She was obviously rattled when Donald brought Bill’s accusers. After that, she avoided opportunities to go after Trump on the groping allegations as much as one might expect. The other problem, Bill reminds people of the past and most people have issues with that. Enough said.


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