10 reasons why you should be having more sex, as if you needed a reason (10 Photos)

Are you craving a stronger, more satisfying relationship? The key to finding what you’re looking for might be as simple as this: Have more sex. A new study shows that having more sex can make a big difference in your relationship and may make things better for you and your partner in both the short and long terms.

Check out these 10 ways that having more sex can make you and your partner happier.

10. It’s Chemical


You’ve heard about endorphins, right? Did you know that you can get them by having sex? It’s true! When you have sex, more dopamine and oxytocin enter the brain, thus lifting your endorphin levels. Not convinced yet? Let’s see what other positives come out of having sex.

9. Sex Makes You Happy


Generally speaking, having sex makes people happy. Taking a few minutes out of your day to hit the sheets with your partner is a great way to put a smile on both of your faces. If you and your partner are both satisfied and happy, that’s a total win/win.

8. It Relieves Stress


Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or you have a different kind of job, chances are, life stresses you out. When two people are stressed, it can really take a toll on a relationship. However, having more sex can totally help! Having an orgasm is a great way to relieve stress. And #7 will only further convince you!

7. Intimacy In The Bedroom Can Translate To Life Outside Of The Bedroom


Did you know that being intimate in the bedroom can also cause both partners to be more affectionate outside of the bedroom? If you’re craving a little bit of attention by way of PDA, having more sex might be your answer. Not only do some couples crave that loving affection, but they need it. It’s nice to feel wanted by your partner! 

6. You’ll Be Less Tense


If you feel like you and your partner are always at each other’s throats, having more sex can chill both of you out. Since most men and women both need some sort of sexual interaction from time to time, having sex more frequently will help ensure that both of your needs are met and that you’re both a little more calm overall. If you agree with #6, you’ll be all about #5.

5. It’ll Remind You Of ‘Back In The Day’


When you and your lover first met, you were probably having a good deal of sex. As is true with most relationships, the intimacy tends to fade after a while. However, increasing your sex frequency has the ability to take you back and will remind you of the days when you first met. Ah, memories!

4. Sex Can Improve Your Overall Well-Being


Think sex has no bearing on how you go about your daily life? Think again. Having a healthy sex life can help you have an overall healthy life. If you are having more sex and you and your partner are connected in that special way, that can translate to a healthier you. If you have kids, #3 is for you.

3. It Can Strengthen Your Parenting


The emotional connection that you build with your partner will help nurture a deep love and respect which can absolutely affect the way you parent your children. Kids can pick up on little things and if mom and dad have that unconditional love thing on lock? The whole family can benefit.

2. It’s A Major Self-Esteem Booster


Feeling desired is something that most men and women want. Couples that really want to be physical with one another tend to make each other feel good. And, really, who doesn’t want to feel good? Knowing that your partner loves you and wants to have sex with you can boost your confidence immensely. And the #1 reason that having more sex will strengthen your relationship is…

1. It’s All About That Bond


It’s no secret that having sex brings two people closer together. The more sex you and your partner have, the closer you will become. Once couples stop having frequent sex, that bond tends to weaken which could be the beginning of the end. A strong emotional bond is one of the best ways to ensure that your relationship will last.


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