10 Reasons Prostitute Sex Is Way Better Than Wife Sex

Some men prefer to have sex with a hooker rather than have sex with their wife — and there are plenty of pros to making that decision. In case you are wondering what those pros are, we’ve collected them here for your convenience.

So, go ahead. Check out the top 10 reasons why having sex with a hooker is so much better than having sex with your wife.

10. The Oral Sex Is Excellent


A hooker is really good at giving oral sex and is more than willing to perform. You’ll never have to ask for a blow job, nor will you have to worry about her following through.

9. If You Don’t Like One, You Can Find Another, No Strings Attached


If you have sex with one hooker and you don’t like her or the way that she did things, you can always find another. A hooker isn’t going to take it personally or make you feel bad about going after what you want.

8. Your Needs Will Come First

Ali Express

You will always come first when having sexual relations with a hooker. You won’t have to worry about not being pleased or pleasured, because that’s what she’s there for.

And then, there’s always #7.

7. The Risk Can Be Hot


Having a relationship with a hooker — instead of your wife — can be hot. The risk of getting caught is enough to keep some men coming back for more.

6. She Won’t Say No To Experimenting

Ali Express

A hooker will be more into experimenting with different things (or other people) than a wife. She may even be more into inviting a third person into the bedroom!

5. A Hooker Has More Experience


If you have sex with a hooker, expect her to be very experienced. She will know what she is doing and she will be sure to pleasure you.

To further this point, read #4.

4. It’s Always Exciting

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There will never be a dull moment when you’re having sex with a hooker. They will constantly mix it up and keep you guessing.

3. Hookers Are Willing To Try New Things


If you want to try something new — perhaps with a sex toy or a different position, a hooker is going to be game.

And the best part? No. 2.

2. You Can Be Yourself


You never have to pretend that you are someone you are not — unless, of course, the two of you are role playing!

And the #1 reason why sex is better with a hooker than you wife is…

1. They Don’t Get Attached

Chic Geek

You can have completely emotionless sex with a hooker. She won’t expect you to call the next day and she won’t force you to cuddle with her afterwards.


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