10 Reasons To Follow This Russian TwerkGirl On Instagram

Any person who grew up listening to rap and hip-hop knows that twerking is not a new thing. It had been a mainstay of American black culture for nearly a decade before it piqued the collective interest of—ahem—white people. Looking at you, Miley.

One young Russian woman has caught the attention of over half a million users on Instagram. Malysheva Anastasia, known by her followers as TwerkGirl, is building an audience with shots from her workouts and videos of her dance moves on the social network.

Very good, da? Read on for a peek into Miss Anastasia’s life.

10. Meet Malysheva Anastasia, AKA Twerk Girl

Malysheva Anastasia is a 19-year-old Russian woman, so it makes sense that all of her Instagram photos are paired with captions in the Russian language. We’ll translate some of her posts—but we’re all here for the photos, after all, so let’s stick mainly to that.

9. She’s Sharing Mostly Skin, But Sometimes Snacks

“I like to eat,” she captioned this post. She better! A routine of regular dancing will burn a ton of calories. Twerking, which involves plenty of leg and core work, could burn up to 480 calories in an hour. That’s almost the same as an hour of power yoga or moderate jogging.

8. Cracking Herself Up

“Do you want pizza?” she asked her followers with this photo. It’s safe to guess that a select few of her fans would indeed like pizza, true. It’s even more likely, though, that the majority were paying attention to the other food group in the photo—booty meat.

7. Studio Love

“Contrary to its current fad status as a club dance, twerking has been a staple since 1974 when the pimp Bishop Don ‘Magic’ Juan organized in Chicago the first Players Ball,” according to an entry on UrbanDictionary.com. “Subsequently, twerking was adapted by strippers and exotic dancers to routines they performed in clubs.”

6. The Dance Heard Around The World

In August 2013, Google Trends noted the internet’s peak interest in twerking. That’s when it was really popularized in the mainstream media by Miley Cyrus, leaving much of the world scratching their heads and wondering what exactly the word meant. It may never make its way into the Oxford English Dictionary, but many guesses point towards…

5. The Etymology Of Twerk

Chances are that the word twerk has a few sources. It could be a combination of the words twitch, twist, and jerk, as well as work. The Yin Yang Twins famously growled “whistle while you twerk” on their 2000 track, but the pair of rappers actually spelled it with the letter U instead of E.

4. Worldwide Twerking

The term reached its peak popularity at the same time across the entire world, according to Google Trends. Thanks to the power of modern media and technology, Miley’s (in)famous dance moves at the 2013 Video Music Awards were able to reach virtually everyone who had an internet connection.

3. Get Your Own Twerk On

Ladies, if you’re looking for a new workout, look no further. This dance style tones the obliques, quads, glutes, and more, and it’s easy to practice in your living room. Just ask those of us who have been pop, lock, and dropping it for years—it combines strength training with fun.

2. Catching Up To The Kardashians?

@dance_malyshka currently has over 500,000 Instagram followers and that number continues to grow. It looks like she’s already started to earn money with promoted posts, so it’s probably just a matter of time until marketers are tapping into her fan base to try and sell their products.

1. The #TwerkOut Is Here To Stay

Nearly four years have passed since twerking hit headlines in the mass media, parodied by the New York Times and the New Yorker alike. Fitness and dance studios are still offering classes in the muscle-isolating style of dance, so it’s not too late to hop on the train. Cheers!


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