10 People Who Tried To Break A World Record But Ended Up Dead


We are fascinated with world records. From the time we are young, we attempt to break the world record for holding our breath under water only to realize we are nowhere close to having the lung capacity of those who have accomplished such a feat. People never attempt to break a world record because it is easy to do so. While many are easy and harmless to try, some require the human body to go beyond its limits and can be extremely fatal.

As we will see with the following 10 people, attempting fame and recognition can come at a brutal cost. Proceed with caution.

10. Going The Distance With Juan Francisco Guillermo

48-year-old Juan Francisco Guillermo set off on a five-year record-breaking journey to break bike 155,000 miles. He had kept an incredible pace for over four years. When he was riding through northeast Thailand, a truck struck his bike and Guillermo never made it to the 155,000th mile.

9. Guy Garman’s Deepest Dive

Guy “Doc Deep” Garman wanted to perform the deepest recreational scuba dive at 1,200 ft. but never made it to the designated rendezvous point. They searched for his body for hours until they found something terrible. They determined the scuba diver had drowned after discovering his body and gear.
8. Javad Palizbanian’s Jump Over Buses

Iran’s version of Evel Knievel was named Javad Palizbanian. All he wanted was to break the record jump over buses on a motorbike. They parked 22 buses side by side and the daredevil got into his position and analyzed his jump. He severely miscalculated his position (or something else went wrong), because he hit the 13th bus. Check out the insane jump in #7… from a plane!

7. Diving With Diana Paris

Skydiver Diana Paris was experienced, to say the very least, with over 1,500 jumps on her resume. She joined 220 from 28 nations to attempt the largest group freefall from an airplane in formation. After her first parachute failed, the second one deployed too late as she fell to her death.

6. Janaka Basnayake’s Burial

Janaka Basnayake wanted to accomplish the dreaded record of time spent alive underground. He was buried 10-feet underground on Saturday morning. He was surrounded by dirt and wood until the next afternoon when he was uncovered and unconscious. He was pronounced dead at the hospital for a stunt that is not even recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.

5. Bill Warner’s Final Ride

Motorcycle speedster Bill Warner held the world land-speed record at 311.945 miles per hour in one and a half miles. When he turned 44, he wanted to go on one last ride to break his old record and his 300 miles per hour in one mile. He was pronounced dead at the hospital after a crash. A teenager attempts to fly around the world in #4!
4. Circumnavigating The Globe With Harris Suleman

Harris Suleman wanted to be the “youngest pilot-in-command in history to circumnavigate the earth in a single-engine plane in 30 days” at 17 years of age. The plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean. His body was found, but his father’s and the plane’s wreckage were tragically never discovered.

3. Last Flight Of Lowell Bayles’ Gee Bee Model Z

The “Golden Age of Air Racing” was filled with pilots attempting to break the world air speed record on land. Champion aviator Lowell Bayles was flying his zippy Gee Bee Model Z when it crashed at 300 miles per hour. The accomplished pilot never made it out of the fiery wreckage.

2. By Stuntman Sailendra Nath Roy’s Hair

Stuntman Sailendra Nath Roy had set two world records for farthest distance traveled on a zip wire using hair and for pulling a train with his ponytail. While attempting to surpass his previous distance traveled on a zip wire using a hair he suffered a heart attack in the middle of the wire. And an 8-time record-breaker attempts his ninth next in #1!

1. Water Speedster Donald Campbell

By the end of the 1960s, Donald Campbell had eight world records under his belt and remains the only person to break land and water speed records in the same year. He died after ambitiously attempting to break his water speed record using a Bluebird K7 with a Bristol Orpheus engine from a jet.

The extreme tragedy in these stories is the fact that none of them will get a chance to attempt a record-breaking stunt again. They were fully aware of the dangers involved with their actions. Unfortunately, one simple mistake ended up being the last one they would ever make. Some of them were able to hold on to their legacy through previous records set and that will be their final legacy left behind.

Have you ever thought about attempting to break a world record? Obviously none quite as dangerous as these. Tell us your thoughts and share these intense stories with your friends!