These 10 Outrageous Positions Will ...

These 10 Outrageous Positions Will Make Her Orgasm Every Time

Sometimes women are just hard to figure out. But when it comes to sex and orgasms, they’re a little more willing to spill. While both partners certainly get lots of pleasure out of positions like missionary and girl on top, these positions can get boring. If you want to change things up, check out these outrageous positions that have the bonus of an almost-guaranteed orgasm for your woman.

Slide #3 is basically a game changer if you’re worried about helping her get there. Easy to implement, too!

10. Reverse Cowgirl

You’re probably familiar with the cowgirl position. So, try it backward. While the man stays in the same position, the woman turns around to face his feet. This position allows easy access to the clitoris. According to sexologist Megan Andelloux, this position is one of the most likely to facilitate an orgasm.

Of course, the next one can help, if you get your hands involved!


9. Crisscross

Crisscross is an easy position. It requires the man to lay on his side while the woman lies on her back. She drapes her legs over his middle to create a giant X. Since your bodies aren’t squished together, either the man or the woman can reach down and rub her clitoris, helping her reach orgasm.

8. The Pillow Technique

Pillows are an easy and often overlooked addition to your sex life. Many sex experts acknowledge that using a pillow or blanket to prop the woman’s pelvis often makes positions even more pleasurable. So, next time you hop in bed, bring an extra pillow. Place the pillow under her tush to give her a pelvic lift. In fact, try it out with the next position for a little extra oomph.

7. Edge of the Bed

This position encourages deep penetration. The woman lays on her back with her hips at the edge of the bed, while the man enters her from under her legs. It can be a little difficult to get comfortable, so work with each other to find the right way to kneel/stand. If needed, use one of those handy pillows!

6. The Spider

The spider position is a little more complicated, but it’s worth it, for both parties! Sit face-to-face on the bed with your legs pointed toward one another. Lean on your hands for support (imagine doing a crab walk). The woman walks her feet over the man’s body so they are on either side of his hips and flat on the bed. Her hips should be positioned between the man’s spread legs. Rather than thrusting, focus on rocking back and forth.

Of course, if you’d rather stick to the classics, you can still put a twist on a familiar position using the next slide.

5. Cowgirl With A Twist

This position adds a little something extra to regular cowgirl. The only difference is that the man bends his knees, supporting his partner’s butt. This makes it easier on the woman, who has less stress on her legs and more control over what happens. Not only can she control her partner’s orgasm, she can also work on hers.

The next position isn’t for the faint of heart, but everyone should try it at least once!

4. The Bridge

Starting in the missionary position, the man sits up so his weight is supported on his ankles and his knees are spread wide. The woman lies on her back with her feet flat on the bed. She arches her hips into a low bridge position. To make it a little easier, prop some pillows under the woman’s back to help her stay comfortable. Then, try out the next position, considered by many sex experts to be the greatest sex position in the world!

3. Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique was created by psychotherapist Edward Eichel. Starting in a normal missionary position, the man puts his full body weight on the woman, not resting on his elbows. The woman wraps her legs around his thighs. Move together in a rhythmic, rocking motion, allowing the man’s pubic bone (the base of his penis) to stimulate the clitoris. Not only is it steam, the clitoral stimulation is sure to give her an orgasm!

That’s definitely an incredible tip, but we’ve still got a few more coming up!

2. Ankles Up!

You can’t always achieve full penetration in a normal missionary-style position. However, if you adjust your leg position, you can get deeper contact, hitting the G-spot and giving her a fantastic orgasm. Enter the ankles up option. Here, the woman puts her ankles up over the man’s shoulders. It’s also effective for her to bend her knees or place the soles of her feet on his chest.

We saved something pretty unexpected for our top spot!

1. Spooning

While it’s not exactly an outrageous position, spooning still deserves a spot on this list. Often referred to as lazy Sunday sex, spooning offers some great stimulation because it allows for shallow penetration. Since the woman’s legs are closed, the vaginal opening is smaller, allowing for tighter spots and more friction.


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