10 NBA Players That Allegedly Slept...

10 NBA Players That Allegedly Slept With A Teammate’s Wife


For the life of an NBA player, being on the road can be tough, but the love of a significant other can get them through the hardest battles off the court. Being close with your teammates is also key, but being close to their wives is probably not the best idea. One thing can lead to another, and the team’s momentum can drop down dramatically because of an infidelity scandal. It can also possibility lead to being traded or dropped if the situation gets out of hand.

We decided to find 10 moments when an NBA star allegedly slept with a teammate’s wife. You might already know about some of these, but we’re guessing #2 and #1 will surprise you!

Tony Parker and Brent Barry


Former San Antonio Spurs teammates Tony Parker and Brent Barry were two-time NBA Champions together. Unfortunately, their friendship came to an end when raunchy texts between Parker and Barry’s wife Erin Barry were leaked. Both parties eventually filed for divorce from their significant others. Barry opted out of his contract with the Spurs.

Paul George and Roy Hibbert


Indiana Pacers players Paul George and Roy Hibbert were good friends until rumors of infidelity almost tore them apart. An anonymous person sent an email to websites stating that George was having an affair with Hibbert’s wife. George came out to say that rumors were false, and Hibbert took his side.

Jason Richardson and Steve Nash


While playing for the Phoenix Suns, Jason Richardson allegedly slept with Steve Nash’s wife Alejandra Amarilla. As expected, the news gave the team a bad name, and Richardson was traded to the Orlando Magic. One day after the birth of his son, Nash announced his divorce from Amarilla because he assumed the baby belonged to Richardson.

Andrew Bynum and Jamahl Mosley


When you join a new team, sleeping with the assistant coach’s wife really isn’t something that you should do. Unfortunately for Andrew Bynum, who joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in July 2013, that was the case. The player was suspended for his actions on December 28, 2013 and traded to the Chicago Bulls the following week.

Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher


The situation between Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes and former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher was probably one of the most hostile things ever. When Barnes heard that Fisher slept with his ex-wife Gloria Govan, he simply drove 95 miles from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles to attack the coach at his home.

Jim Jackson and Jason Kidd


Jason Kidd and Jim Jackson were slated to bring championship gold to the Dallas Mavericks in the ’90s but one person got in between the two of them: Toni Braxton. Rumor has it that Braxton as set to go on a date with Kidd, but she went on a date with Jackson instead. This led to both players not working well together.

Pau Gasol and Shannon Brown


Pau Gasol wasn’t himself during the Lakers during the 2011 playoffs. The player was upset about his ongoing relationship with his fiance Silvia Lopez Castro, which ended with the engagement being over. Apparently, teammate Shannon Brown, who was already married to singer Monica, was sleeping around with Castro behind Gasol’s back.

LeBron James and Delonte West


This doesn’t involve a wife, but this situation does revolve around the mother of Lebron James. Rumors flew around that Delonte West was having an affair with Gloria James behind her son’s back. When West heard about the rumors, he immediately did an interview with Dallas Morning News to deny that anything ever happened.

Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen


Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen helped the Chicago Bulls become the most dominate sports team in the ’90s. One of the biggest rumors surrounding the two legendary players involved the singer Madonna. She picked up Pippen in a limo whenever they played in Los Angeles, and that simply infuriated Jordan.

Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant


When Karl Malone and Kobe Bryant teamed up together with the Los Angeles Lakers, the two became close friends. Unfortunately, Malone overstepped his boundaries and tried hitting on Bryant’s wife Vanessa at a Lakers game. Kobe didn’t take the news quite well, but the situation eventually died down.

Cheating on your significant other is wrong. Trying to sleep with your co-worker’s wife is downright deplorable, and it can lead to some severe consequences such as suspension with loss of pay or possible termination from your job. In Derek Fisher’s case, it could also lead to some physical action taking place in public. Whatever the outcome, the cheater will eventually learn his or her lesson in the end. However, there’s always that age-old phrase of “Once a cheater, always a cheater.” It’s true that some people out there will never stop such bad habits.


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