10 Men Share Stories About Terrible Things They’ve Done To Women

Some guys are just straight up mean! No matter how toxic a relationship may be, these stories reveal some of the nastiest things that men have done to women. Reddit users shared their stories in a recent AskMen thread.

Here’s a roundup of the most unbelievable confessions that these guys shared

10. Let’s Get Physical

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I punched one square in the jaw, she was attacking my friend at the bar after she thought my friend had said something petty or rude. She starts swinging at her, grabs her by the hair and scratches and punches my little friend who is trying to keep from getting torn apart. The first thing I go for is a massive bear hug, maybe a thorough squeeze will settle her down, nope. She starts kicking and flailing so hard she breaks my grip.

9. Playing Pretend Games

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This is probably done more often than most men would care to admit: “Pretend to like them to have sex. I do regret it a wee bit. Wonder if I would do the same thing again given the opportunity though,” said one guy.

That’s not nearly as bad as #8…

8. The Classic Act Of Ghosting

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“When I was younger, I really led a girl on. I then took her virginity, had sex with her once more and then ghosted her. I still feel sh*tty about it. Hopefully, she learned from that experience and denied some other asshole trying the same shit later. Or you know, she might have been into it as well lol. I was a sh*tty kid, and the regret that came from this made me realize it. I now treat women with respect.”

At least he learned a lesson, right? 😒

7. Left Bleeding And Alone

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“I was in town for a wedding. Ran into an ex. She had cheated on me, pulled a fake pregnancy, and it was a bad breakup, but a few months had passed so I was civil to her. She offered to drop off some stuff I had left at her place. Fine. She showed up to my hotel room. I was thirsty. We ended up in bed.

She stayed the night. We did it again. I left her in bed, crying and bleeding, told her check out was at noon, and left for the airport. Never saw her again.”

6. Starting Out Young


“My first kiss was in kindergarten with some girl staying in this same vacation home kinda thing with our families. I told her we should try kissing, we did so, then I spent the rest of the weekend hiding from her. Kinda foreshadowed what my adult life would be like…”

He totally could be the guy in #5, too…

5. Telling It Like It Is (Or Was)

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“I had an ex that looked like she was going to develop a ‘I am not the best at X so I am going to give up’ complex. She quit something that she was amazing at and that she had put in the 10,000 hours for. We stayed friends and had ex-sex often. She started college and I could see the writing on the wall. She wanted to be a doctor, but I could already tell she was giving up, but not because of grades (she had a 4.0).

One of the last things I told her was that she would never be a doctor because she just gives up. That pissed her off and she stopped talking to me. Based on her personality, I figured she put her head on straight for a few months just to spite me. I looked her up a while ago and it looks like she’s a doctor now working at NYU. I still feel kind of sh*tty for saying that to her, but maybe I helped?”

4. Ditched Via Text


“I was a real piece of sh*t in late high school. I used to blame my mother’s abuse to absolve my own guilt, but the truth is, it might have started it, but I kept being a douchebag because I liked the power trip. One girl crushed on me hard for the last two years of high school, but she was very quiet and reserved, so I could tell it took a lot of effort for her to ask me out when school was ending.

I agreed to a date, but then texted her I wasn’t going 10 minutes before I was supposed to pick her up because I really wasn’t interested. Sorry Molly, you liked a total d*ck who didn’t care about anyone else, I’m really sorry…”

3. Revenge Is Sweet And Sour


“So my ex cheated on me and threw out the relationship like garbage. I was crushed but then I got the ‘I still love you’ blah blah blah message from her 2 months later. So I ended up f*cking her brains out for 2 weeks, leading her on pretending that we could date again, knowing there was probably no way I’d ever date her.”

This next guy also knows what guilt feels like…

2. Salty Like The Sea


“[My] old roommate was a passive aggressive b*tch and I got tired of her sh*t … so I went into her garden with a large container of Morton’s salt, and poured that f*cker into her garden during the winter.

When spring came and the snow melted, she never understood why nothing would grow in the garden. Felt bad when I saw how much it bothered her and I may have dug up the garden later in the spring and replaced the dirt.”

1. Depression At Its Worst


This one is absolutely hard to read.

“I told her I didn’t love her anymore even though it wasn’t true. She completely broke down and I had to stand there and act like I didn’t care while I was dying inside. It was the best thing for both of us at the time, but I still regret it every day of my life. She was clinically depressed and wouldn’t get help and it was dragging me down as well.

Eventually it got to the point where we were just feeding each other’s depression and getting worse and worse. I loved her more than anything or anyone else, but I had to break the cycle to save myself and I hoped she’d save herself too. I made it through alive, she only made it a couple more weeks before she took her own life. That’s why I regret it. In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best for both of us, but it was what I needed.”


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