10 Insane Facts About Sex That You Definitely Didn’t Learn In High School

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

The act of coitus is one most of us have come to know and love. Despite what your high school sex ed class tried to teach you, there are still a few surprises left for making love.

Whether it’s who’s really watching transgender porn or the level of intelligence of the people who are doing it in the butt the most, we’ve found some of the craziest, most ridiculous facts about sex that we’re pretty much guaranteeing you don’t know.

If you’re ready to be put in the mood (though if we’re talking #3, maybe not) then read on.

10. Transgender Porn Is Watched The Most By Straight Guys

Well, it’s obvious that straight men are watching pretty much all the porn in the universe. But with transgender porn being the fourth most popular kind of porn online, things become a little more revealing. Intent aside, why hasn’t someone used this factoid in the fight for equality yet?

9. Educated White Women Have More Anal Sex Than Anyone Else

While this study may not have proven the reasoning behind the spike in butt sex, it does go to show you that a little education goes a long way. Levels of intelligence aren’t just left for books and AP tests. These women prove that being educated in sex means you’re having more fun.

8. Chimpanzee Porn Weirdly Turns On Women

This one is almost too insane to explore, especially for those of us who didn’t know chimpanzee porn was a thing. Though it’s surprising to learn that people are actually watching apes do it (and that someone is filming it), we’re not here to judge you — or your monkey business.

7. Your Grandparents Are Still Doing It

We know this is probably the last thing you want to be thinking about. Romantically and disgustingly enough, elderly people are having sex. Whether it’s because they’re checking items off their bucket list or they just have a lot of free time, people over 80 are doing it a lot more than we are.

6. Most People Think Of Someone Else Other Than Their Partner During Sex

This could be bad news for the super intimate moments you thought you were sharing with your boyfriend, but maybe it’s just human nature? No matter the reasoning, at least two-thirds of people admitted to thinking about another person during sex. Let’s just hope they never admit that to their actual partners.

5. Penises Are Almost As Popular As Vaginas When It Comes To What Straight Men Are Googling

While vaginas will probably always have the number one slot on Google searches, penises are a close runner up — and unsurprisingly it’s not women who are searching for a male visual. Men want to see other men’s junk. Whether they’re virtually comparing or enjoying, they are definitely looking.

4. The Female Orgasm Is a Baby-Making Tool

What many people might not know is that the role of the female orgasm is actually to guide the sperm up and into the right spot to be fertilized. Because even at their most basic form, men still need help with directions. The jury is still out on how it affects this process when a woman fakes it.

3. There Are Over 500 Types Of Bacteria In The Human Mouth

Try not to think about this one next time you’re playing tonsil hockey with your girlfriend. Our mouths are riddled with random bits of bacteria that come from all the things we put in there through a 24-hour period. Humans are gross, and this is just more proof of that.

2. The Smell Of Pumpkin Is Scientifically Proven To Turn You On

Don’t hate on your lady next time she wants to be the first in line to get a pumpkin-spiced latte. It could just be the scent she needs to make her want to get in the sheets. The smell of pumpkin is weirdly enough an aphrodisiac, so make sure you’re taking advantage of all those fall-time goodies.

1. Shaved Genitals Are More Likely To Get STIs

Here’s another reason to be lazy and stop shaving. Bare genitals are way more likely to get STIs than bushy ones. Pubic hairs supposedly help to keep those nasty infections at bay, so mowing them down in the name of beauty is basically getting rid of your biggest line of defense. Think twice next time.


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