10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Fee...

10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet

EDM is rapidly spreading in different corners of the globe. Back then, dance music was mainly dominated by male DJs and producers. But what about their female counterparts? It seems like there aren’t not enough female DJs who can make it to the limelight when it comes to spinning music and getting the crowd involved.

Nowadays, an increasing number of female DJs are carving a name for themselves in the global DJ scene. Ranging from different genres in all forms, these talented artists have earned their right to be in the game. Some are known for their live performances, some are credited for their studio production, while others have impacted the EDM scene in more ways than anyone would’ve ever imagined.

Here are the 10 most known female DJs who have earned their reputation in getting the crowd on its feet while stamping their presence in EDM history:

1. Nicole Moudaber

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Nicole Moudaber

Nicole, a Lebanese-Nigerian deejay, released her first studio album Believe in 2013. She collaborated with a host of artists included Carl Cox and Adam Beyer. Her production is entirely within the deep house, tech house, and techno categories. 

2. Mija

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Mija

Mija had a killer career in 2015. In a short period of time, she was untouchable in the DJ world. Her short collaboration on set with Skrillex at the Bonnaroo festival impressed many who attended the event. Her professional career is still on fire.

3. Hannah Wants

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Hannah Wants

Hannah is a music producer and DJ hailing from the U.K. Her latest 2015 track with Chris Lorenzo, Rhymes, is closing in the top 10 UK Billboard. Her sound is a fusion of bassline elements, house, and grime.


Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- TOKiMONSTA

TOKiMONSTA, aka Jennifer Lee, is a DJ and music producer from California. Starting out as a classic pianist, she later got involved with beat-making and EDM in college. Since then she has released four successful label-backed albums.

5. Nervo

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Nervo

Nervo is an Australian DJ duo who have way more talent than anyone would’ve expected. Their resume includes being composers, producers, and singer-songwriters. They’ve also done stints in modelling. The surprising part with these two? They’re sisters.

6. Alison Wonderland

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland, aka Alex Sholler, began her career as a music producer and DJ in Australia. She first held the cello and later shifted to EDM. At present, she’s signed to Universal Music Australia, which led to the release if her debut album, Run, in 2015.

7. Anna Lunoe

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Anna Lunoe

Anna’s DJ career continues to surge after several successful single which included Bass Drum Dealer and the Chris Lake-assisted Stomper. Her musical prowess even led her to host her own show on Apple Music with Beats 1 — an astounding feat for a female DJ!

8. Nina Kraviz

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Nina Kraviz

Nina is DJ hailing from Russia. Her music has an artistic feel that touches topics on feminism and sexuality. She’s slaying the world of music with her EDM jams. In 2014, founded her own record label, Trip.

9. Annie Mac

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Annie Mac

Annie is a DJ and TV host from Ireland. She’s for hosting her own EDM show, Annie Mac, featured over at the BBC Radio 1 in the United Kingdom. Her musical influence is so great that she successfully launched careers of a handful of local artists.

10. Krewella

Batch 4- 10 Female DJs Who Can Move Your Feet- Krewella

Krewella is a DJ duo hailing from the United States. These heavyweights have wrecked the EDM world with memorable hits. Their unique sound is a mixture of drum and bass, dubstep, techno, and house.

The moment you enter a nightclub or party, the music being played is something you’d expect to hear. The kind of music being blasted over the speakers can speak volumes on the theme for that night. The beats being spun would either get people to groove to the music or energize the crowd attending the event. But what adds a bit of spice to the music is having a female DJ who goes beyond the ordinary: someone who is fashionably dressed, with drop-dead-gorgeous looks, and the body that would appeal club goers to the dance floor. These lady DJs are selected for their popularity and the quality of music they bring to the club masses. From sultry models to passionate music producers, these DJs are all about spinning head-banging music and moving the crowd from dusk until dawn.


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