10 Brilliant Effects Sex Has On You...

10 Brilliant Effects Sex Has On Your Body

A lot goes on during sex. When you’re in the heat of the moment it can be a confusing and exhilarating time. We all know what is happening to our bodies on the outside. Have you stopped to think about what is happening on the inside? Let’s go into the scientific and chemical reactions that occur during coitus. Not sure about you, but #2 was a surprise to us when researching this article!

10. Rising Blood Pressure

The first thing that happens to your body, and perhaps the least obvious, is a significant rise in blood pressure. Your heart rate and pulse seem to beat at a ludicrous rate and it’s not because you are a casanova in the sack. Your blood vessels are just dilating.


9. You’re Basically Drugged

That’s right, that feeling of euphoria comes from the adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin that is released. Oxytocin alone is important for bonding, which is why you feel an undeniable connection with your partner. Oxytocin and love are quite connected. In #8 we’ll talk about what happens in your brain.

8. Libido Starts In The Brain

Your libido begins in your head. This is why we often feel as if we are “in the mood” and start to think about ways to woo our partner. OBGYN Sherry A. Ross, MD says, “Women’s excitement phase is above the shoulders, versus below the waist for men.” Is it really that surprising?

7. Engorging Of The Vulva

When you’re getting it on, your vulva becomes engorged and allows for a maximum flow of lubrication for easier pleasing. All of that blood flow fills your vulva as it expands and releases the love juices. However, the clitoris is also known to do the exact opposite as you’ll see in #6.

6. The Clitoris Retreats

Even though the vulva becomes more engorged during sex, your clitoris will begin to retreat and hide as you get closer to climax. According to the National Health service, when you reach your peak, the clitoris will actually pull back into the pubic bone and seem to disappear. It’s like sexual “hide and seek.”

5. Bigger Breasts

You heard that right, sexual stimulation can actually cause your breasts to become fuller and more enlarged. Britain’s National Health Service says your breasts can get up to 25 percent bigger during sex. No need to go in for the expensive plastic surgery. Just have more sex. A lot more sex.

4. Contracting Muscles

Many of your muscles, especially those located in and around the pelvic region, will begin to contract during sex. One doctor says, “Your body tenses up before the relaxation of an orgasm.” This explains a lot of what happens to the female vagina during sex that you’ll see in #3.

3. The Vaginal Rubber Band Effect

The female genitalia goes through a lot of work during sex. It significantly expands, goes through incredible amounts of blood flow, and then retreats into a night tight little space. OBGYNs, Dr. Rebecca Brightman and Dr. Dan Nayot, explain your vagina is so elastic it can bounce right back after sex.

2. Your Body Traps Sperm

Well, in a sense. Those of us lucky enough to have experienced sex with a partner have felt that spasm during our orgasms. It can be brief or seem to repeat itself over and over. Either way, it’s amazing. This is your genitalia trying to prevent your semen from escaping.

1. Your Immune System Is Helped

If there is anything you have learned from this article, it is the fact that your immune system is helped in a big way. Studies have shown that people who have active sex lives take fewer sick days and are healthier in general. Tell that to someone who tells you to wait for “the one.”


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